Customers Say Its The Best Trench Drain Filter

Customers Say Its The Best Trench Drain Filter

He was very surprised that he didn't find one YouTube video explaining how Gutterbrush fits trench drains well.  He thought for sure there had to be a product out there that he could insert into his NDS Trench drain AKA trough drain to keep the smaller debris that fits between the grates, from clogging the piping that is fed by the swimming pool trench drain. “ Certainly, I can not be the only person with this problem, he said, if my trees are dropping small leafs, buds and other droppings, and the rain water is carrying these small tree droppings into my NDS trench drain at my swimming pool, then certainly this trench drain clogging must be also happening to other homeowners with similar pool set-ups.  Now certainly I could understand that many people would cut down the trees to keep the debris from causing trench drain problems, but often the trees are coming from the neighbors yard of which I have no control.  Therefore,  I need a solution to keep this small tree detritus from entering my trench drain grate or else I am going to end up with a very expensive clog repair if I have to call someone to root the pipe out.  He continued, I find it very hard to believe that I am the only swimming pool owner with this trench drain problem.  People have been using trench drains for other purposes like driveway drainage for years, so  I was very surprised to find that there are no youtube videos on how to keep your driveway trench drain or my swimming pool NDS trench drain from clogging.  The grates definitely have openings that are way too large for the debris that falls from my trees, and the grates are far too expensive to replace”.   He further went on to explain that he had purchased small 3.25” diameter Gutterbrush for his small patio gutters, so luckily when he took the trench drain grate off to clear out the leaves and debris, he looked down into the drain and his thought wandered to that  bristle brush he had purchased for his patio gutter.  He remembered he had a little Gutterbrush 3.25” actual diameter brush left over from his patio gutter guard project, so he went to the garage and grabbed the brush; and wouldn't you know, it inserted into the pipe and fit perfectly!   With his new found solution in hand, he called Gutterbrush to question whether or not it would work and reached Gutterbrush customer service representative Alex.  The Gutterbrush customer asked, “ I am really surprised I found no you tube videos on the internet about this Gutterbrush Trench Drain Filter solution,  have you ever heard of this swimming pool NDS Drain filter solution before?”   Alex has been at Gutterbrush for 7 years so he answered, “ Sure I have heard of that solution in driveway drains plenty of times,  I saw swimming pool trench drains at a trade show once, and I approached the company about this solution, however they were not interested because they just wanted to sell the customer a different trench drain grate to solve the problem.”  The customer replied, “ Well, those trench drain grates are too expensive so I can just save money and buy Gutterbrush.   Of course he went on to buy 96 feet of our small Gutterbrush for 4” gutters with a 3.25” diameter that fit his trench drain perfectly.

He Needed a 3” Trench Drain Filter

After processing his purchase, I began to think about the fact that there may be many people, as he said with this trench drain clogging issue.  He had explained that lots of people must be in the same situation, as he.  Who am I to say that there are not lots of folks out there with beautiful or not so beautiful pools and patios that have trough or trench drains running the entire length of the pool to catch every ounce of water that may run away from the pool at any area. 

Trench Drains Needed To Avoid Problems From Pool Water Overflow

 That is true, I can imagine in today’s litigious society, people must have to design and install methods to keep the pool chemicals from running off the side of the pool patio and down into the neighbors drinking well.  I may be extreme with the example of chemicals getting into someone's drinking water but I can imagine that a full lengthwise drain would be absolutely necessary otherwise they would have to assure that the entire pool patio area sloped towards whatever standard drain was being used such as Zurn or Josam.  By having a full length trench drain, the creators of the patio can be less creative with the slope of the patio and still be assured that all of the water sloping away from the pool and of course all of the chemicals like clarifier, chlorine, and PH controlling chemicals, would end up being properly drained to the desired location instead of being left to chance to kill the neighbor’s shrubbery or even a pet.   I know at my home years ago the torrential rains flooded the neighbor’s pool so it overflowed to the back of both of our yards with the end result being that  the bushes between our yards in that pool flooded area, died afterward.  There is no question that there is a need to control swimming pool water and also driveway water in many neighborhoods because it can carry oil and gas residue from automobiles.  After lots of thought, I can see there may be a large need to filter the debris and keep it from clogging trench drains surrounding pools in lots of neighborhoods, because if leaves and debris go down through the trench drain grate and clog the drainage pipes, then contaminants from swimming pool water or driveway water can cause damage to surrounding items or even worse pets or people.  I can see Gutterbrush now has a  responsibility and a job to do, to serve these people with needs for a specialized easy product that saves time and money.

People must be Searching for a Trench Drain Filter

If lots of people have a need to filter their trench drain,  then they might be searching the internet for a NDS Drain filter or a trough drain filter. Some might search for trench drain system filter and others might be searching for a new channel drain  grate and not realize that they can acquire a channel drain filter.  No matter how you look at it, its a linear drain that must be kept from clogging so we at Gutterbrush are happy to provide 5 diameters of brushes to protect the pipes and the drainage from the channel drain of many different names

Buy GutterBrush 3.25 Inch Diameter Filter Brush for 3 Inch Trench Drain

If you have a 3 inch trench drain, to protect it from clogging from debris that falls through the spaces in the grate, simply measure the linear footage of the channel drain you want to protect and purchase that amount of footage of 3.25” actual diameter GutterBrush.   Here's a link to the GutterBrush trench drain product page.

Buy GutterBrush 4.25 Inch Diameter Filter Brush for 4 inch Trench Drains

If you have a 4 Inch channel drain, simply measure the linear footage that you want to protect and purchase that amount of footage of 4.25” actual diameter GutterBrush.  

Buying Your Trench Drain Filter, and a discount.

You can purchase the footage of your size trench drain filter by

  • Going to
  • Emailing for help to
  • Use the chat feature at
  • Just call them during eastern standard time, they are there to help and taker orders at 888-397-9433
  • Send a text to 401-367-4524 for GutterBrush information.
  • Just for reading, here’s a code for 20% off that only works when the website is not already on sale for that or more.  Code TRENCHDRAIN20 


Trench Drain filters are less expensive than clearing clogged in-ground pipes

Keep your trench drains and channel drains clear from expensive clogging by filtering out that debris.  Proactive maintenance helps avoid future pipe excavation expenses and is less expensive than buying new trench drain grates.

Trench Drain Grate Removal for Filter

Simply use a wrench to remove the fastener holding the trench drain grate in place.  Once fasteners are removed, remove the grate and clear out all of the leaves and debris.  Once the trench drain is clear of debris, fill the entire channel drain system with the correct actual diameter size of GutterBrush.  Each footage box of Gutterbrush comes with 3 foot lengths and two 18” pieces.   You can cut GutterBrush with a reciprocating saw, sawzall, hacksaw or my favorite a small hand grinder with a thin metal cutting blade; or you can fold it.

Filter For Trench Drain

Whether its a swimming pool trench drain or a a driveway trench drain or some other drain trough, the folks at GutterBrush have been making these same filter brushes here in  the USA for 20 years.  Give them a call and avoid future drainage problems 888-397-9433; they are standing by in Rhode Island, eastern standard time

Filter For Other Stuff

GutterBrush has been used for many many different purposes like keeping pigeons out of purlins or rooftop solar; or helping stucco homes keep birds from behind shutters, and keeping squirrels from eating bird food or keeping starling birds from dying a horrible death in downspouts; or keeping bats from living upside-down hanging in the crevasses of deck joists beneath your deck.  It's been used in I beams of major bridges and to keep soda and beer cups from falling on spectators heads in stadiums.  Perhaps Gutterbrush can solve your unique issue?

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