Gutter Guard For Metal Buildings

Best Gutter Guard for Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings, also referred to as Steel Buildings,  are designed with unique gutter systems which have physical characteristics that differ from most other residential and commercial gutters   These differences make it far more challenging to outfit metal building gutters with a clog protection device. Due to the way that most metal building gutters are constructed and attached, owners of metal buildings have a tricky challenge when it comes to keeping their gutters and drainage pipes from clogging because commonly available gutter guard devices such as gutter screens, leaf filters and covers do not fit and will not work with metal building gutters. GutterBrush provides a simple system for this unique set of circumstances, that works well at providing clog protection, comes in multiple sizes and saves lots of time because it is so fast and easy to install into existing steel building gutters with no fasteners needed.

Metal Building Gutters and Gutter Guards
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Overflowing gutters on metal buildings causes costly leakage, building damage, compromised foundations, landscape erosion,  rust, and rotted cap flashings. Many have downspouts that connect to in-ground drainage pipes, thus they bear additional burdens of needing to avoid expensive drainage pipe clogs and the cost of digging and repairing.  Common gutter clog protection devices on the market today do not fit and will not work with metal building gutters because:

  1. The front edge of the metal building gutter is abnormally high and even higher than the roof drip edge
  2. The front edge of the gutter is strapped or directly attached via a straight metal steel gutter strap hanger connecting the front edge of the gutter to the ribs of the metal roof for strength. 

Simply retrofitting the gutter with a typical screen or other clog protection device is near impossible because every gutter hanger is in the way, and the front outer edge of the gutter is higher than the roof’s drip edge. Combining these physical characteristics and the fact that there are too many different metal building gutter profiles (shapes), makes it expensive, labor intensive and almost impossible to customize metal buildings with a reasonably priced clog protection device that also protects downspouts while remaining maintainable  This is why metal building manufacturers, contractors and owners have sought and discovered GutterBrush.

Metal Building GutterBrush Gutter Protection

The GutterBrush rain gutter clog protection system comes in 5 sizes and is extremely fast and easy to install. Simply choose the right size GutterBrush (Click For Samples) and fill metal building gutters with three foot lengths of GutterBrush by sliding them under the gutter brackets.  Fill the entire gutter from end to end and leave GutterBrush in place year round to keep gutters from clogging and protect downspouts and storm drains too.   The quality long lasting brush fills the gutter and keeps debris from clogging while the rain water flows between the bristles. The flexible bristles will even allow GutterBrush to be installed and fit into a very small or tight gutter opening when it appears that the drip edge has been extended too far. 

The beauty of GutterBrush is the speed and ease of fitting and installing with no fasteners, so that at some point when maintenance is necessary, you just pull them out, shake the debris out, clean the gutters and reinstall GutterBrush completely renewed. In short, steel building manufacturers, contractors, owners and property managers love GutterBrush because it provides the clog protection they need while being fast and easy to install and manage, with gutters that typically have very few available options. GutterBrush is available at or direct from the manufacturer at   Call 888-397-9422 or

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