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Gutter Leaf Guard for Roofers

GutterBrush was selected as a Top 5 Product in 2015 by Metal Roofing Magazine!

Metal Roofing Top 5 Product GutterBrush Award

As a Roofing Professional you understand the importance of getting water off the roof and away from the building to avoid expensive water damage.  The rain gutter plays a very important role in this process and should not be overlooked.  

GutterBrush is a simple, effective tool to block the buildup of leaves and debris in gutters and keep gutter flowing.  


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Roofers appreciate the simplicity of our product and the fact that GutterBrush does not disrupt the shingles or roofing system.  There is nothing attached to the gutters or inserted under shingles and GutterBrush can be easily removed for occasional cleaning or maintenance if needed. 

We manufacture GutterBrush from 3.25" - 8.00" in diameter and have sizes to protect Residential, Commercial and Industrial Gutters.

5 GutterBrush Sizes

GutterBrush is a great additional product for your business:

Reduces gutter cleaning, maintenance and water damage from clogged gutters = Saves  Customers Money!

Provides contractors with a simple, valuable additional product to solve a common problem = Makes Contractors Money!

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