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GutterBrush Leaf Guard Emails to Contractors

When we meet a new Contractor that wants to sell or install our innovative gutter accessory, we will initially educate them about GutterBrush by sending three emails.   We do not aggressively send many emails, rather we typically will only send these three template emails ( shown below) in addition to an occasional email regarding current promotions and business needs.   In the first year we meet a contractor, the contractor would typically receive 7 emails throughout that entire year and then in subsequent years the contractor would typically only receive 3 or 4 update emails per year.

EMAIL RESOURCE - Below are our template contractor emails


GutterBrush Leaf Guard Installed
New Income Stream for your business! (since 2004)

Hello - Thanks for your interest in GutterBrush, a simple and profitable gutter guard. GutterBrush installs quickly and easily in any existing gutter with no tools, skill or fasteners required. The flexible bristles spring up to create a raised profile higher than the gutter edges, so that the wind can blow away debris. In new gutters, it is light weight so you fill the gutter during fabrication; carry and hang the gutter with GutterBrush already inside. The samples are 18" lengths but actual GutterBrush orders are fulfilled with predominantly 36" lengths for speed and ease of installation. Five sizes, designed for 4", 5", 6", 7" and 8" gutters.

Simple Solution to a Common Household Problem
How often do you see gutters full of leaves and debris? Customers rely on your guidance and expertise for preventative maintenance, and you have the perfect opportunity to help them avoid expensive water damage caused by clogged gutters. GutterBrush is the simple solution to this very common problem. It keeps in-ground drainage protected from expensive clogs too.

Easy Installation - No Tools Required!
Just slide 3 foot sections throughout the existing gutter system filling the gutter "end to end", and leave it in place to prevent debris from building up in the gutters while preventing clogs & allowing water to flow through. There are no screws, glues, cutting tools or skill required. At the end of the gutter section, you can fold GutterBrush instead of cutting....just fast and easy.

Free Contractor Shipping, BIG Discounts & BIG Profits for YOU - Click Here For Contractor Price List (link removed due to confidentiality)

Contractor Partners receive a 30% Discount which puts your price for Standard 5" GutterBrush at $2.35 / ft. delivered when you buy 240 ft.

Request custom quotes for volumes that can get your price down to $ 2.00 per foot delivered.


GutterBrush comes in 5 size diameters to fit almost any gutter type

3.25” - Small 4” Gutters (Mobile Homes, Patio Enclosures, Sunrooms, etc.)

4.25” - Standard 5” Residential Gutters (Most Common)

5.25” - Oversized 6” Residential Gutters

6.50” - Commercial 7” Gutters (Pool Enclosure Gutters, Super Gutters, Commercial Buildings, etc.)

8.00” - Industrial 8” Gutters (Metal Roofs & Buildings, Box Gutters, etc.)

Contractor VIDEOS ( NEW! ) - Click here

Best Winter Gutter Guard - Click here to learn about winter benefits

Pictures of GutterBrush - Click here to see pictures of GutterBrush and other gutter scenarios

FACEBOOK, Email, Website: Advertize your GutterBrush Services: Earn profits the traditional way by getting the job; or if your customer wants to buy direct, we issue you a unique coupon code in your company's name so your customer gets a 15% discount and you get a 15% commission each time the coupon code is used. (limitations exist, not allowed to compete with GutterBrush advertising)

Recommended By Trusted Home Improvement Experts - CLICK HERE

HGTV, Today's Homeowner, Housesmarts, Hometime, On The House, Gary Sullivan, Glenn Haege, Lou Manfredini, Danny Lipford, The Carey Brothers...

We’ll Support You Every Step Of The Way

Professional Display Kits, Listing on our Website / Partner Map, Samples, Brochures, Logos, National Advertising and top notch Customer Service. We’ll help you sell GutterBrush from day one. We look forward to working with you and know you will find GutterBrush easy-to-install, high-quality, and profitable! Contact us with questions or to place your order.

Request Your Contractor Display Kit - Click Here

Alex O'Hanley
Business Development Manager
GutterBrush Leaf Guard - Made in the U.S.A.
401 367 4524 Direct

As a Contractor / Business Owner for 16 years I wanted to share some of the reasons I believe GutterBrush is such a simple, profitable partner.

  1. Less Burden on the Estimator: GutterBrush installs so quickly and easily, the estimator does not have to worry about putting up a ladder and inspecting every section of gutter. This allows you to provide more quotes in less time.
  2. Efficient use of Laborers: Just about any laborer can install GutterBrush. With such easy installation, your less skilled workers can generate a high hourly income.
  3. Attractive Low Price Point: Price Matters. GutterBrush's installed price is about half the cost of many competing gutter guard systems and customers really appreciate the savings and value.
  4. Rainy Day Profits: Simple, no tools installation means you can extend your productivity and earn profits on days when the weather is threatening to shower.
  5. No Interference: GutterBrush makes no fastener holes through roofing and does not interfere with roofing in any way so you have less liability for roof problems or leaks in the future.
We are confident you will find GutterBrush to be a profitable product that solves your customer's problems and we are happy to assist you in any way. (Samples, Brochures, Display, Map Listing, Training, etc.)

5 Size Diameters to meet any Gutter / Roofing needs

Contractor Partners Receive 25% Discount:
Your price for Standard 5" Gutters = 2.43 / ft.
Contact me to find out how to get FREE Shipping!

Contact Me! I am Happy To Help

Alex O'Hanley - 401-367-4524

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Alex O'Hanley
Business Development Manager
GutterBrush Leaf Guard - Made in the U.S.A.

I thought you might get a kick out of this quick video...that is me in the video.

Below is a link to a 15 second you tube video demonstrating a GutterBrush 35 foot installation into a brand new gutter while the gutter is being fabricated from the ground! GutterBrush is light weight so the gutter can then be carried to the fascia and installed with the GutterBrush already inside. Yes, we did speed up the video, the 35 foot GutterBrush installation took only 75 seconds.

Click the link to watch the installation.

By the way, GutterBrush improves the gutter's winter snow and ice performance too. Ask how, or click hereto see pictures and information about winter performance



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Alex O'Hanley
Business Development Manager
GutterBrush Leaf Guard - Made in the U.S.A.


Hello ,

Thanks again
for your interest in GutterBrush. By now, I hope we have connected with you by phone or email, but we know how busy everyone's is so here's a quick message to let you know that we are looking forward to working with you and we'd like to answer any questions you may have.

GutterBrush is a simple way to add profits to your business while solving a common problem for your customers.

Contractor Partners enjoy great GutterBrush support from day one including:

  • National TV advertising, Radio and Print Ads
  • 30% Contractor's Discount
  • Display Kits (deposit gets credited back to you on first order)
  • Free Samples & Brochures
  • Education...strategic pricing for profit, what to say, etc.
  • Your Partner Map Listing on our "find an installer" web page
  • Affiliate Marketing 15% commission; unique coupon code issued in your name for facebook, emails etc.
GutterBrush Display
Please feel free to contact me with any questions and to call for samples, brochures and quotes.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to working with you.


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Alex O'Hanley
Business Development Manager
GutterBrush Leaf Guard - Made in the U.S.A.