Gutter leaf guard Installer Intro Video

Gutter Guard Install Video #1

Video Description and Audio Transcription Below

Video Title - Contractor's Intro to GutterBrush Gutter Leaf Guard Opportunity

Video Description:  Explains what is GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard, and the profit opportunity for Contractors and Installers who want to keep their customer's gutters from clogging.
Transcription:   Hi, my name's Alex with Gutterbrush and this is our contractor introduction video.  I'm here to explain to you the profit opportunity buying, selling, and installing Gutterbrush.  We are the manufacturers of Gutterbrush simple gutter guard. We make it here in the United States and we've made it since 2004 so it's been around a while and it is a tried-and-true solution that works. I was contractor for over 25 years so I'm here to personally help you; provide you with advice, information, and support. We want to help you solve gutter clogging problems for your customers and earn  profits in a very simple fashion. We will help you sell,  will provide brochures, samples,  we have a display available, we can list you on our website as an installer and drive some leads in your direction.  So what is GutterBrush.   GutterBrush is a very simple way of keeping gutters from clogging and avoiding the damage that occurs from clogged gutters such as rotted window sills, rotted wood, washed out foundations, damaged landscaping. The key to gutter brush is the speed and ease of installation.  Anyone who can work off ladders can install gutter brush and that speed and ease translates into a nice low price for your customers and good nice profits for you. We've got five different sizes of Gutterbrush to fill all the most common size gutters and the custom gutters.  It's very simple. GutterBrush is a simple bottle brush that comes in three foot sections and eighteen inch sections.  Again in five different diameters for all the most  common and uncommon sized gutters.   You basically fill the gutter with Gutterbrush sliding it into place, you slide it under the gutter brackets one after the other you fill the gutter from end to end and you leave it in place.  The brush keeps the debris out of the gutter and keeps the gutter from clogging while the water flows between the bristles.  It's a very feasible product for us to ship to you just one job at a time, you can make money selling and installing just one job at a time or we could ship in volume with you can increase your profits because you'd be buying at a lower price.  We ship direct to contractors and in most cases we'll ship the next day.  We're on the East Coast in Rhode Island,  so for the states that are close by you'll get it in one day of shipping; down to Florida is maybe two or three days of shipping; out on the West Coast, five days of shipping.  So you can have a turnaround time from the east coast to the west coast of a total of six or seven days.   Gutterbrush is UV protected or protected from the Sun. UV protected polypropylene bristles and a galvanized core; it lasts in excess of 15 years.  I talk to customers that have had it for fifteen years. It still works and it is still flexible. We put a 10 year material warranty on the product.   Again the key is the speed and ease of installation, anyone who works off ladders can install gutterbrush.   It is easy to price, easy to install, easy to delegate.  Nothing is fastened, nothing touches the roof at all.   At some point, when maintenance is necessary it's very easy to renew gutterbrush.  You pull them out of the gutter, bang them out, the debris drops out; you clean the gutter and slide them right back into place in the gutter  with no tools or fasteners and it's completely renewed and ready to perform.  Next what I'd like to do is introduce the next two videos.   On the next video, it will be about how to fit and measure for GutterBrush and make sure you're buying the right size for the gutter, as well as how to price gutterbrush.  And then the third video will be about how to answer customer questions.  Once again, we are here to help you and  provide you with support, answer questions; and in the end if I've done my job, you will be able to offer a low-priced way to keep your customers gutters from clogging and you can make some nice profits.   Thanks very much