Gutter Leaf Guard Installer Fitting and Pricing Video

Gutter Leaf Guard Installation: Contractor Video #2, Fitting and Pricing GutterBrush

Video Description and Audio Transcription Below.

Video Title - Contractor Video - Fitting and Pricing GutterBrush

Video Description:  This video explains the most common style, K-style gutter, and all of the basics of  how to measure, fit and price GutterBrush simple gutter guard for both common gutters as well as uncommon and custom gutters.  Call 888-397-9433 for technical support on fitting gutters.  Samples are available for on-site sizing and  fitting of GutterBrush.  The video also explains the GutterBrush "Fit Criteria"
Transcription:   Hi,  I'm Alex with Gutterbrush and this video is about the basics of fitting and pricing Gutterbrush.  So the first thing I'm going to talk about is the most common styles of gutter, the  most common styles and sizes of gutter,  and the simplicity of choosing the right Gutterbrush product,  And I'll also talk about a little bit more challenging styles,  custom gutters and how you properly fit those gutters too with samples.  This is the K-style gutter.  The K-Style gutter is the most common  style gutter in the United States today.  One of the features is this reverse curve on the front, curves in one direction and then back the other way  sort of like an s-curve; this is the K style gutter.  With the K style gutter you simply measure across the top of the gutter horizontally from the fascia, or from the back of the gutter, to the outermost tip to determine which size K style gutter you have.  And then it's easy to determine which gutterbrush product to use.  Okay, in this case this is a 5 inch K style gutter.  The 5 inch K-style gutter has 5 inch hangers so the measurement from the back of the gutter to the outermost tip this between 5 and 5 inches and five and a quarter inches. okay ?   For a six-inch K style gutter that measurement is going to be six to six and a quarter; and you're measuring to the outermost tip; not the opening of the gutter but to the outermost tip.   So if you have a standard 5 inch K style gutter you order Standard Gutterbrush For Five Inch Gutters.  Pretty simple.  If you have a six-inch K style gutter, you'll order Oversized Gutterbrush for Six Inch Gutters.  Now, those are the two most common sizes.  You also could come across a rare,  but a small four inch k-style gutter on sunrooms, patio rooms,  car ports and so forth.  Now those are rare, but those are going to measure four to four and a quarter inches to the outermost tip because they'll have a four inch hanger.   For those you'll order Small GutterBrush for 4 inch  Gutters.  You also might find a larger K style Gutter if you find a 7-inch or an 8 inch k-style gutter,  order for 7-inch you'll order Commercial Gutterbrush for 7 inch gutters.  For eight inch you will order Industrial GutterBrush for 8 inch gutters.  Very very simple, measure across the top determine what size gutter, and order the appropriate product.    The next most common style gutter is the Fascia Style Gutter.   This is a Fascia Style Gutter.  Notice it's a deep gutter with a straight angled face, often you'll see a double bead for rigidity but it doesn't have to have that; some facial style gutters won't have that.  For a Fascia Style gutter, once again you measure horizontally from the back of the gutter to the outermost tip  to determine the size gutter.  Fascia style gutters are mostly installed with four and a half inch hangers or 5 inch hangers so your measurement to the outermost tip, not the opening, but the outermost tip,  is going to be between four and a half and five and a half inches.  If that's the case, you simply order Standard Gutterbrush for five inch gutters - that's the product that fits properly. You also will come across  a half round gutter.  GutterBrush works fantastic in half round gutters and it fits properly.  If your measurement across the top of the gutter is five to five and a half inches, then that's a five inch half round gutter  and it's going to take Standard GutterBrush for Five Inch Gutters.   If it's a six to six and a half inch measurement it's gonna take Oversized Gutterbrush for Six Inch Gutter.  Simple! One thing about the half round gutter, half round gutter customers love their gutter brush,  but some people don't like that there's a lot exposed over the top of the gutter,  so you're going to want to make sure the customer is aware of that in advance.  Now I want to talk about custom gutters and metal buildings.   There are great opportunities with metal buildings.  Metal building owners really need to keep their gutters from clogging because they can have problems when they clog and metal buildings have a lot of different profiles of gutters and those profiles even vary based on the slope of the roof, so you're going to want to get samples and determine which size gutterbrush fits with the samples. Okay?  So with a metal building or any custom gutter whatsoever, there are two different methods. One is to get the samples.  We've got two sample packs; with residential sizing samples you get three different sizes in one box. This is the residential, these are the three residential sizing samples that you would get in one residential sizing sample box; you get three sizes and you set them in the gutter and you determine which one fits best.  If it's a commercial gutter,  you would order the commercial sizing samples, and you're going to get three sizes; the three largest sizes.  Set them in the gutter to determine which one fits best. What's the fit criteria ?  How do you know which one fits best?  You will want to fill the width of the gutter as best as possible without overly compressing the bristles;  and a raised profile is also desirable, but it's not always necessary. With challenging gutter styles, you may not be able to get that raised profile, but it's still going to work fine; it's a protected flow channel within the gutter. So (to recap)  fill the width of the  gutter without overly compressing the bristles. if it has a raised profile that's desirable. Okay,  so pricing;  let's talk;  oh, one other tip, if you don't have samples you can pull this this sizing chart off the internet or we can mail it to you. Use scissors to cut out the appropriate radius and you could set the piece of paper or the piece of cardboard that you cut out, into the gutter and determine the right size.   That's just another tool that you can use to about pricing.  Anyone who cleans gutters can install gutterbrush; and of course you need to decide the correct size of gutterbrush.   Now to price the installation of GutterBrush, of course, you have three components. You've got the cost of the GutterBrush itself, you've got the cost of the installation (labor)  of the gutterbrush and you have the  labor cost of cleaning the gutters.  You have to install GutterBrush into a clean gutter. So the first thing you're going to do is create your estimate for a gutter cleaning.   I'm basically talking about anything that's already been hung, in a brand new gutter you can hang the gutter with gutterbrush already inside so the Labor  coefficient (in a brand new gutter) is very low.  That's not what I'm talking about.  In an existing gutter,  pricing gutterbrush, the first thing you want to do is create your estimate for the gutter cleaning. So do that the way you normally would.   I always just added up the time (labor)  and materials and I'd multiply the time times my hourly rate and come up with my cost of my gutter cleaning.  So determine the cost if all you were doing were cleaning the gutters.  okay ?   Now to that cost, add your material take off which you'll know from the price list.  And then add your labor to install gutterbrush.  Now,  what I want to let you know is the installation of gutterbrush is far faster than the actual gutter cleaning itself.  The gutter cleaning will take some time but all you're doing is sliding three foot lengths of GutterBrush  into the gutter with no tools or fasteners.  That's very fast so figure your gutter cleaning first,  add some additional labor to slide the gutter brush in place;  make sure you carry for your materials and some profit and that's how you build your estimate.  It is  very simple.  If you have any questions you can call me and we'll talk about it.   I was a  contractor so I understand these things. You can call me at 401-367-4524 or send me an email to and I'll help you out with how to estimate how to create your price.  Now as a general rule okay actually more of a guideline,  a general guideline; Standard GutterBrush for five inch gutters is typically going to install for five to seven dollars a foot.  That's just a general guideline, and there's probably a minimum number of footage in order for it to fall in the in that guideline but it's helpful to have that guideline .  A huge job may be a very simple job with thousands of feet for a homeowner's association, the price could be lower than five dollars a foot because those jobs are very competitive and they move along quite swiftly; on the other hand other jobs with challenging terrain and some difficulties along the way and a lot of short sections of gutter,  that  might be more than the $7 a foot so just be careful,  don't just use that guideline of five to seven dollars a foot.  Do your estimate (adding up the materials and labor)  and compare it to the general guideline of five to seven dollars a foot.   Thanks so much for watching and listening today,  give a call if we can help!  We want to help you solve customer problems,  keep your customers gutters flowing,  and earn some profits.   Thanks so much