Gutter Guard Installer - Answering Customer Questions Video #4

Answering Customer Questions about Gutter Guards

Video Title - Contractor Video , Answering Customer Questions about GutterBrush

Video Description:   Video explains how contractors can reply honestly and positively to customer questions about the GutterBrush simple gutter guard. Most questions, are the same questions the customer would be asking about any other gutter guard. Yes debris enters all gutter guards and eventually all gutter guards require maintenance; the beauty of GutterBrush is that it is easy to maintain with no fasteners in the way.
Video Transcription:  Hi,  I'm Alex with GutterBrush.  Thanks for tuning in to our video for contractors on  " Answering Customers Questions.   When you present GutterBrush, it's very  important that you present it in a confident way and that really starts with the conviction and understanding that there is no  magical (gutter protection) product on the market. Outdoors , experienced contractors and homeowners understand that everything outside requires maintenance. If you have a thin ( gutter ) channel and you want to run water through it and you drop a ton of debris on it,  it's gonna require maintenance if you want to keep it flowing.   There is no magical forever maintenance-free solution!   It doesn't exist, and you need to know that in your heart when you're out presenting Gutterbrush.  That is important!  So anyway,  wherever water runs it, brings and carries dirt.  The debris goes into the helmets, the leaves go into the helmets,  hornets go into the helmets and the covers.  There are all sorts of collateral issues that happen with other

gutter guard solutions.   The screens clog up, the debris lays on them and the water cascades past the gutter missing the gutter entirely.   So anyway,  we have a very simple solution that accepts water extremely well,  keeps the gutter flowing,  and the water passes through the bristles.   At some point,  we embrace the fact that maintenance will be necessary.  We're different than the market.  It's important for you to understand this and be confident when you say it to your customers.   So the premise is that  there is no magical solution at some point everything needs maintenance .  What you do is you just simply and honestly reflect that back to your customer so let's say a customer asks you this question.  " isn't  debris going to get stuck in the bristles ? " That's a great question so what I would do is say well Mister or Mrs. Customer yes some debris will get stuck in the bristles, but debris goes into all the gutter guard products.  Debris goes into the helmets and the covers, it goes into the open screens.   And if they make a screen, and they do,  that the holes are so small that no debris goes in there, well the water won't go in the gutter either.   And  those require a ton of maintenance, because the debris lays on them and the water cascades past.  So yes debris is going to  get stuck in the bristles, but there's no product on the  market that's going to solve that Problem. What gutter brush is going to do is it's going to keep the debris from clumping together and flowing down the channel, getting hung up,  creating a dam and creating a clog.   Each individual piece of debris alone, can't cause that clog and when it's suspended in the brush it's not going to cause a clog.  So GutterBrush is going to keep your gutters flowing and the beauty is it's easy to maintain. At some point, all those other products on the market,  they're incredibly expensive in the first place at 25 to 30 dollars a foot; and when they need maintenance,  they're expensive to maintain.  You need tools and fasteners to take them apart and  when you take it apart, it leaves holes in places you don't want it.  You need to clean the gutter and  then you have to put it all back together. It's expensive in the first place and it's expensive to maintain.   GutterBrush is a very low priced, reasonable,  fast solution that keeps the gutters flowing, and it's reasonable to maintain and easy to maintain.  So that's how I reflect it back that just about every concern that the customer has about GutterBrush, is also the same concern with every other gutter protection product on the market.   So that's what I want you to keep in mind when you're out there in the marketplace.  Every concern, you just reflected back on all the other products on the market. Now that the second thing is that every customers gonna ask, " well when am I gonna need maintenance ?   if you install GutterBrush for me, at what point am I going to need maintenance ? "   They're all gonna ask that, and the honest answer to that and the honest  answer that I give my customers after 25 years in roofing is, I don't know.   Every roof is  different, the wind patterns are different, the slope of the roof is different,  the height of the gutter is different,  the number of trees. The honest answer is,  I don't know ; I don't want to sell GutterBrush short and just guess (the answer). And I also really don't want to over promise to you so that you'll be upset if it doesn't achieve that goal,   So Mr. and Mrs. Customer , while I don't know exactly at what point you're going to require maintenance,  I do know that   GutterBrush is an excellent value.  It installs fast so I can give you a good low price and I think the best thing for you to keep your gutters from clogging, is truly to install Gutterbrush; let's see the experience!  Let's keep the gutters from clogging and let's see what happens and at some point when it does require maintenance,  I want to be involved to create a maintenance program that keeps your costs ( lower ) down.  Now remember,  with Gutterbrush it's different from all the others, if debris gets stuck in the brush and there is maintenance required, you don't have to maintain all of them. You might just maintain the brushes that are near the tree.   For example, maybe just twelve feet in that corner over there Mr. and Mrs. customer.  So I think what is important is that it ( GutterBrush ) is reasonably priced, it works, it's simple; it doesn't pigeonhole you into needing some expensive contractor to maintain it, and I'm going to be behind it; and at some point when maintenance is necessary, I want to keep your costs down.   I want to maintain your gutters and keep your costs low in order to keep you as a customer for life. So that's how I would handle  customer questions.   I would always reflect them back on the market, on the honesty of the market; and what is available and what isn't available. And in addition,  I don't tell them exactly when they're going to need maintenance because I truly  don't know.  But I truly do believe that it's a reasonably priced solution that works and it's great for the customer and a great value.  So thanks so much for watching. That's how to answer customers questions.  You know you can always talk to me, and role-play (discuss) with me and learn from me.  My phone number  is 401-367-4524. Or You can reach me at   Thanks so much for watching today.