Gutter Guards Require Maintenance, Installer Video

Gutter Guard Maintenance Video

Video Description and Audio Transcription Below.

Video Title - Contractor Video - All Gutter Guards Require Maintenance

Video Description:    Customers have been mislead by large gutter guard  companies with false promises.   The magical product that solves gutter clogging forever in a high debris environment, is non existent.  All gutter protection devices require maintenance or they will become the actual reason that the rain water is not entering the gutter.   Therefore, it makes sense to install a gutter protection device that is easy and fast to install and eventually fast to maintain with no tools and no fasteners required.
Video Transcription:   Hi,  I'm Alex with Gutterbrush talking to contractors about the fact that all gutter guards require maintenance.   It's a very important factor in discussing with your customers.   In a high debris environment, it doesn't matter whether it's a  gutter helmet, a gutter screen, gutter mesh, gutter microscreen or a gutter cover; all gutter guards are going to require maintenance. In order to keep a small channel or a small gutter flowing, when you've got tree debris, leaves and detritus dropping on it; they all  will require maintenance. So you might as well install one that's fast and easy to maintain with no tools and fasteners thanks so much I'm Alex with GutterBrush