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Choose the size of your rain gutters Gutter Guard for 5 inch Standard Gutters Gutter Guard for Oversized 6 inch Gutters Gutter Guard for 4 inch Small Gutters - Specialty Size - Common for Mobile Homes Gutter Guards for 7 Inch Super Size Gutters - Specialty Size - Common on Commercial Buildings Gutter Guards for 8 inch Industrial Gutters

How To Measure Your Raingutters

To determine your gutter size, measure the width across the top of your gutter from the back wall to the outter edge of your gutter. 5 inch Standard GutterBrush will actually measure 4.25 inches in diameter and Oversized 6 inch GutterBrush will measure 5.25 inches in diameter.
Measuring 5 Inch Gutters Measuring 6 Inch Gutters Measuring 7 Inch Gutters

How to Measure Your Gutters

Standard 5" Residential Gutter pictured below

Measure your gutter across the top from the back where the gutter meets the home to the outer edge. (Most residential gutters will measure approximately 5 Inches across the top with the actual opening being approximately 4.5 inches)

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GutterBrush Gutter Guard at Do It Best HardwareDo it Best GutterBrush Item #: 124036
GutterBrush Gutter Guard at Ace Hardware
GutterBrush Available in Canada Lee Valley Tools and


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