Avoid Winter Roof Problems with Ventilation


Video Title: Avoid Gutter Ice Dams with roof ventilation, insulation; avoid Metal Gutter Guards

Description:     Ice dams occur when excessive heat loss is not properly ventilated. Improving insulation and or improving ventilation or both can solve the problem. You want the underside of the roof boards to be the same temperature as the external ambient temperature. I have 25 years of roofing experience and I am available to answer questions. 888-397-9433 or alex@gutterbrush.com 

Transcription:  Hi, This is Alex with GutterBrush talking about avoiding ice dams (or ice backups).  The first important thing to remember about avoiding ice dams is that you have got to have the appropriate roof ventilation so that it is just as cold on the underside of the roof boards, as it is on the outside.   Here we have got soffit vents which are intake vents; so they take nice cold air in; it flows. It has to flow continuously under the roof. And that air exits out the ridge vent. So to avoid ice dams (or ice backups), you will want to have  a properly installed roof; you have to have good roof ventilation and (roof) insulation, and don’t install a metal gutter guard. Metal gutter guards are the first to freeze and they add to the problems of ice dams. Thanks