Collection: Gutter guard for Seamless Gutters

seamless gutter k-style gutter with gutter leaf  guard
The term "Seamless Gutter" is a general term for the most common style gutter on the market; similar to the profile picture above;  notice the reverse curve on the front gutter edge.   GutterBrush is a brush gutter guard for seamless gutters.

Leaf Guard for Seamless Gutters

The term " seamless gutter " is actually misleading because it implies that the gutter would have no seams.  The truth is that even seamless gutters do have seams at the corners and end caps.  They became known as " seamless gutters" when the industry began to manufacture and sell gutters of any common length needed.  Due to the onset of new metal roll forming machines,  Contractors began to create incredibly long sections of gutter created right on site at the customers home.   Due to these longer lengths, many seams were eliminated and the industry began referring to this process as the fabrication and installation of seamless gutters, even though they are not seamless.


A Brush Gutter Guard for all Seamless Gutter sizes,  Seamless Gutter Protection

GutterBrush has a brush leaf guard or gutter guard  for seamless gutters of all sizes.  Choose one of our 5 brush sizes to provide your seamless gutter protection
Seamless Gutters AKA K-Style Gutters most often will be either 5" Standard or 6" Oversize.   Seamless gutters are also available on the market in 4" small, 7" or 8", but 4", 7", and 8" sizes are more rare.   While we do have brush gutter guard products for all  seamless gutter sizes, below are the products most commonly recommended. GutterBrush is the simplest leaf guard for seamless gutters and it installs with no tools or fasteners!  Just slide it in.