Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Gutters and Downspouts When Selling Your Home

Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Gutters and Downspouts When Selling Your Home


Selling a house may seem overwhelming, especially to first-time sellers. It involves careful consideration to make sure your property stands out in a competitive market. If your home condition is not up to the mark there's no possibility of buyers being interested in buying the house with your asking price. The exterior serves as the first selling point to attract buyers. While gutters and downspouts are one of the most visible features that outline roofs, they are often overlooked when sellers gear up for home staging. In this article, we will explore why gutters are so important when you are selling your home and how you can leverage them as a selling point in a competitive market.

Gutters and Downspouts Are Necessary Components of Your Home

Gutters are installed at the roof's edge to direct water in a drainage system away from the house. If rainwater or snow accumulates in the foundation through streaming down from the roof there might be mold growth, damaging the foundation.  Wooden structural elements and dry walls are particularly vulnerable to water damage and mold attack.  

Having gutters and downspouts, is especially crucial if your house has a basement or any crawl space. Without gutters, accumulated rainwater may flood the basement, damaging your valuables. Additionally, rainwater flooding or accumulated water in clay-rich soil may potentially lead to soil expansion and contraction around the house foundation, causing the structural integrity to compromise. It may potentially lead to cracks in the foundation and walls. 

Gutters also protect your house from soil erosion. If water continues to pool around your house, especially on a permeable surface, it can wash away the soil,  and your house may sink or shift after years of soil erosion. 

Not Having Gutters and Downspouts May Negatively Affect Your Home Value

Having gutters and downspouts installed on your roof may not necessarily result in a substantial increase in your home price. Its functional value, however, extends beyond the monetary value. Cautious homebuyers will look for a house that is well-maintained along with strong structural integrity. Having a clean and well-functioning gutter signals the buyers that your house is cared for and protected from potential structural compromise due to water damage. This positive message ultimately reassures the buyers that buying your house at the asking price will be a sound investment. 

On the other hand, having a clogged or long-neglected gutter or even having no gutter altogether tells a different story about your house.  It conveys to the prospective buyer that your house was overlooked for years in terms of maintenance, potentially requiring them to take up significant renovation work around the house. This perception can diminish the value of your home. Prospective buyers may ultimately consider a price negotiation as they factor in the cost of all the repairs and renovations to bring the property up to their standard. From this perspective, having a well-maintained gutter can go a long way in selling your home at the right price. 

Gutters and Downspouts Add to Curb Appeal 

You cannot overstate the significance of a first impression, especially when it comes to home selling. Enhancing curb appeal might be the first concern for a seller when they decide to sell their home. There are numerous ways to snap buyers' attention even from the road, including installing new doors, window framing, applying fresh paint, or landscaping. None of these options, however, can rival the functional benefits that come with installing a gutter. Brady Bridges owner and broker of Reside Real Estate, a leading real estate agency in Texas, said  “Improving exterior conditions including gutters can significantly enhance your home's curb appeal. Cleaning gutters is a must thing to do when you are preparing your home for sale.”

Gutters are typically visible from the road. Gutters that are maintained regularly protect the house from exterior damage. If your gutter is clogged, standing water on the roof may cause the roofing material to deteriorate faster, hampering your home's appearance or even causing potential leaks. A damaged or droopy gutter can also turn off the buyer if they see one while driving by, assuming the overall condition of the house is no better than the state of the gutter.

Gutters and Downspouts Can Add to the Glamor of Your Home 

Gutters don't merely have to be a functional component of your home. With different materials for gutter design, you can elevate the house's appearance. For instance, Copper gutters exude a luxury that can dazzle the buyer. Installing aluminum gutters will increase the sleek appearance of your roof line. 

Similarly, Wooden gutters emanate a rustic vibe, with natural warmth. If you find yourself in a competitive market with newly constructed houses around you, installing a new gutter featuring wood or copper can be a strategic move to attract buyers to your property. 

Checking the Gutter System Is a Crucial Part Of Home Inspection 

A home inspection is the part that is done by the buyer to assess if your home condition aligns with the exterior appearance. The process involves thoroughly checking your house's structural integrity, HVAC, and other systems by technical experts. The process also includes checking the gutter functionality. Having a leaky or damaged gutter during the inspection may diminish the perceived worth of your home even if all the other features are working properly. Having a well-maintained gutter system will ensure your house passes the inspection process successfully.

ecofriendly blue sky and floral leaves

You Can Use Gutter Design to Promote Eco-Friendliness

Many new home-buyers prioritize sustainability over design or amenities in their house. While installing solar panels, green roofs, or smart automation systems is considered the norm for new homes, designing your gutters for water conservation may set your home apart. You can install a gutter system that channels water into the lawn or a garden to use rainwater sustainably. Installing eco-gutter guards that enable water conservation is another way to embrace sustainability. It can be a compelling selling point to buyers who prefer some elements of eco-friendliness.  

Having a Cleaned Gutter Can Go a Long Way in the Selling Process

Installing new gutters or even inspecting the existing ones may not be feasible for many sellers. Yet gutters contribute to shaping buyers' perception of your home just like other exterior features. Hence, regular clean-up becomes the key. Gutters require frequent cleanup as they tend to collect debris, leaves, and dirt. Even if you don't have the chance for gutter installation or to do a thorough check, at least clean them before showing your house to buyers. This simple sign of maintenance will positively influence buyers' impressions.

In conclusion, being proactive is crucial when you are selling a home. With regular gutter maintenance, there will be less chance of developing any water damage issues around the house saving you from the costly venture of repair or having to replace or waterproof structural features. This will also enhance the value of your home and ensure a smoother selling process.

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