Vinyl Gutter Guard for DIY

Vinyl Gutter Guard for DIY

The title of this piece may refer to a duplicity.  You could read  that I am going to write about a gutter guard clog protection device that is composed of vinyl, or you could read that the subject of the piece is a gutter clog protection device for a vinyl gutter.  The subject of this piece is the latter, however the gutter clog solution to which I refer, is for all gutters so it would actually be used instead of a gutter guard that is made of vinyl.  By the way, the name Vinyl gutters is synonymous with PVC gutters and plastic gutters.  So whether you are looking for a vinyl gutter guard or a gutter guard that is universal for all gutters so it fits perfectly, speedily, and easily in a gutter that happens to be made of vinyl or PVC, you have come to the right place so read-on!.

Vinyl Gutter Guard that’s Do It Yourself

This simple, easy and brilliant device has been on the market for 20 years now.  It is self fitting,  easy to install, easy to handle and it requires no fastening so it is the perfect way to stop gutter clogging in a vinyl gutter or in any gutter system.

20 years ago a mistake was made when a long gutter cleaning brush was left out in the gutter by mistake.  Months later when they returned to the hunting cabin and had to clean th gutter again because it sits out in the woods, the inventor of GutterBrush saw that he had left the cleaning brush out in the gutter and that it had done a fantastic job of protecting the gutter from clogging while the rest of the gutter was full of gutter leaves and debris.  Upon observing his mistake, seeing is believing and he went on to invent the absolute simplest way to keep a gutter from clogging.  He invented the brush gutter guard system and immediately came out with 5 different sizes with the 4.25” diameter brush gutter guards being the most common because they are self fitting and easy to install in the most common residential seamless gutter which is the 5 inch k style gutter.  The simplicity of this brush gutter guard system translates to the fact that one of the 5 different brush diameters will fit any and every gutter and they come in easy to handle three foot lengths as well as convenient 18 inch pieces.   The 20 years of success is also because anyone can purchase and install this simple  self fitting DIY or contractor installed product and anyone who can clean their gutters can simply slide three-foot lengths into the gutter, filling the  entire gutter.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that this easy to install self fitting, full length gutter strainer is like having a wire basket strainer over the downspout yet the downspout strainer stretches out and protects the whole gutter.  It is easy to see and understand how once the gutter is filled with the gutter brushes, it can not possibly clog.  The other benefit is that there is nothing covering or restricting the gutter.  The problem with the screens and covers is that they restrict water entry into the gutter and they end up keeping the  water out too!  Gutters must receive the water so it is silly to install a device that keeps the water out.  This brush system, works and there is nothing covering the gutter so you do not need a tradesman or contractor with tools and screw guns to maintain it down the line.  It is a fully maintainable and easy to clean ( eventually ) gutter clog protection system; it can be reused and renewed for many years and they last far longer than their 10 year material warranty.  Some people choose to try it out just over the downspouts, but GutterBrush works best when you fill the whole gutter whether it is a PVC gutter, or a common aluminum gutter or a less common prefabricated vinyl patio gutter; just fill the whole gutter with one of 5 sizes of Gutterbrush for the best vinyl gutter guard.

Gutter Guard for a Vinyl Gutter or  Plastic Gutter

Out in the marketplace there are Vinyl gutters being purchased every day.   They are not very popular because  for the most part, professional contractors do not install them.  Vinyl gutter systems became available through lumber yards and big box stores in the 70’s mainly because they were easy to stock the stores and they were composed of a material that was user friendly to DIY homeowners and project jobbers. I remember seeing PVC gutter systems as being very popular in New England  years under private labels by companies like Bird, who manufactured roof shingles. They called it the Bird Solid Vinyl Gutter System if my memory serves me correctly.  The system came with gutter, inside vinyl miters, outside vinyl miters, PVC outlet tubes, PVC gutter brackets and downspout straps, gutter accessories, gutter fasteners, PVC downspouts, PVC elbows, and anything needed for the complete vinyl gutter installation. The installer could simply walk into the store and leave with all of the gutter accessories and 10 foot lengths of PVC gutter similar to the below profile.  The upside was that these plastic gutter systems or vinyl gutter systems were easy to understand, transport, and install but the downside is that they come in only 10 foot lengths so there are more gutter joints than compared to more common “ seamless “ metal gutter systems.   Below is a very common PVC or Vinyl Gutter profile on the market today.

The above Vinyl gutter system is very easy to outfit with a vinyl gutter guard by filling the whole gutter from end to end with three foot lengths of Gutterbrush 4.25” actual diameter gutter brushes.  Simply slide the Gutterbrushes under the gutter brackets or cross bars  and fill the gutter for the optimal vinyl gutter guard clog protection.

Perfect Gutter Guard Fit for a PVC or Vinyl Gutter

All you need to do to keep the gutter from clogging is fill it with the correct size of Gutterbrush.  The proper  brush leaf guard fit is to fill the width of the gutter without overly compressing the bristles.  The Gutterbrush bristles are flexible and they will fit into any shape, but you just don't want to compress them too much.  Certainly a ¼” or ½” of compression is fine.  You want to try to fill the width of the gutter as best as you can with the bristles in the most relaxed position possible.  It is a benefit ( but not absolutely necessary ) if the bristles extend or “ crown “ out the top of the gutter.  A raised bristle profile is a good thing, because debris and leaves  that drop on the brush will be up higher than the edges of the gutter so that the wind can blow it off.  So based on this description, we would outfit both of the above contemporary vinyl gutters with Gutterbrush for 5” gutters which has an actual diameter of 4.25 inches and will do a great job in the above gutters being slid under the crossbar brackets to fill the whole gutter.

Here’s a link to where you can buy this exact size Gutterbrush for the above 4” and 5” contemporary  vinyl gutter systems with free shipping.

Gutter Guard good for Vinyl Gutters and all gutters

GutterBrush is great clog  protection for vinyl gutters because Gutterbrush lasts well in excess of the 10 year warranty and it is very light weight so it will not add burden to the PVC vinyl plastic gutter system.  In northern climates Gutterbrush even improves winter performance by improving ice melting and decreasing ice formation by improving drainage and decreasing the gutter clogging that occurs from snow congestion initially.  See Winter benefits of this simple easy gutter guard.

Gutter Guard Sizes for Vinyl Gutters or any Gutter

Lots of people purchase vinyl  or PVC gutter guards and fasten them over their gutters, but the strange thing is that vinyl gutter guards are made for and sized for the most common gutters which are the 5 inch and 6 inch k style typically aluminum seamless gutters, but those vinyl gutter guards are made for the 5 inch gutter and strangely enough many of the vinyl gutters on the market are smaller than 5 inches when measuring across the top, so those common vinyl gutter screens and covers  won't fit the small vinyl gutter which you can see above measures either 4.2” or 4.5”.  The good news is that Gutterbrush is far easier to install than those screens and covers and it fits perfectly in the 4.2 and 4.5 inch vinyl gutters; just choose the 4.25” actual diameter brush referred to as Gutterbrush for 5” gutters.

In conclusion, vinyl PVC gutters, plastic gutters and uncommonly shaped gutters often clog too, just like standard gutters; so owners of those homes and commercial buildings need a gutter guard that fits.  Gutterbrush makes a brush gutter guard that stops clogging and fits all those gutters. Here’s a recap.

  • Vinyl or PVC or Plastic gutters have been around since the 1970s.
  • Vinyl Gutters or Plastic gutters are often a DIY installed gutter
  • Vinyl Gutters typically only come in 10 ft lengths so lots of gutter joints
  • Vinyl Gutter Guard  - GutterBrush is a gutter guard for vinyl gutters, it fits well.
  • Vinyl gutter guards  -  GutterBrush can be used on any gutter for which you might buy and install a vinyl gutter gutter guard but GutterBrush is faster and easier to install with no fastening.
  • Vinyl Gutter Guards might not fit vinyl gutters, but GutterBrush will
  • GutterBrush is very lightweight and non burdensome to the gutter
  • GutterBrush has been on the market for 20 years, is very long lasting and high quality.
  • GutterBrush is incredibly easy to install, and finally, a gutter guard thats easy to maintain too.
  • GutterBrush comes in 5 diameters to fit any gutter
  • 3 foot lengths of GutterBrush - Fill the entire gutter
  • Visit to order direct  with free shipping

Gutter and Gutter Protection Expert Standing By

GutterBrush LLC is a family run small business that manufactures 5 sizes.  Our offices are located in Rhode Island.  When you GutterBrush,  you will only end up speaking to a gutter expert, because those are the only people working in the Gutterbrush offices - Gutter Experts.   If you need help or have questions,  they are on eastern standard time and they are available during normal business hours at 888-397-9433 or   Even better, go to the Gutterbrush web site and start a chat.  Whether its a phone call or a chat or an email, if Gutterbrush does not reply right away, rest assured that we will definitely return the call or message at the next convenient moment.  We are here to help people with gutters,  the easy way; which is by talking about the realities of eventually needing maintenance at some point down the line, as well as discussion g the simplicity and performance of our full length high quality brush gutter strainer that lasts many years and is a green proposition because it can be renewed over and over for many many years.  Oh, we forgot to mention that it is UV protected so it will not deteriorate in an advanced way from the harmful effects of the sun   888-397-9433
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