March 12, 2021 3 min read

What a fantastic relaxing place, a dream home with a swimming pool surrounded by a screen room so that those pesky little insects can't bother you while relaxing with a beverage on a hot summer day.  You see them mainly in warm buggy climates like Florida; beautiful swimming pools adjacent to the house, completely surrounded by screening so homeowners can walk freely to the pool & patio without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.  The other day a Florida gutter contractor told me " these days, every home, gets a pool and they don't make a gutter leaf guard for Super Gutters; typical gutter clog protection and gutter screens don't fit the 7" Super Gutter".  People want to find the best gutter guard for super gutters.   It sounds simple, but those beautiful swimming pool "screen cage" rooms are actually sophisticated structural systems that rely more on the home's unique gutter than you'd imagine.   Super Gutters, truly are " Super Gutters " because they not only carry roof water, debris and  leaves  that clog, but they also bear the weight of pool screen cage structure. 

To understand the evolution and the importance of the SuperGutter, it helps to understand the history of screen room enclosure construction.  Obviously, the screen room is not a modern concept, born from the need to be out in the fresh air but separate from the bugs and critters, people began enclosing porches and patios years ago.  Back then,  they'd  simply attach the screen room's structural members directly through the wood fascia, fastening securely into the rafter tail ends.  Unfortunately,  the rain water dripping from the roof would eventually breach the fascia causing expensive rotted wood damage and bug infestation; creating the need for a better system of moisture protection; hence the Super Gutter was born.

The Super Gutter, also known as a Structural Gutter, solves multiple pool screen room problems because it is comprised of unusually thick and strong extruded Aluminum. The Super Gutter protects the home's soffit and wood fascia from rain water and resulting water damage, rot and bugs; it diverts rain, storm water, leaves and debris away from undesirable areas of the home controlling splashing and sending it into downspouts and drainage pipes; it keeps leaves and debris away from soiling and staining patio areas; but most importantly it provides structural support bearing all of the weight where the pool screen structure attaches to the house.  Yes, surprisingly the screen room actually hangs from the front edge of the structural super gutter.  After 25 years in the business, I know of no other gutter designed to bear the weight of anything more Christmas lights and and the occasional leaning of a ladder for gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Since these unique gutters must bear the weight of the pool screen and be twenty times stronger,  they are comprised of thicker metal and have different dimensions than the average seamless gutter; therefore common gutter leaf guards and typical gutter clog protection devices such as gutter screens, leaf filters, gutter micro mesh, helmets and gutter covers won't fit and don't work with Super Gutters. People would like to know their gutter leaf guard options;  the best rated gutter guard and best gutter guard company for Super Gutters. People ask "How do I find a leaf guard installer near me?"   For the simplest way to keep your SuperGutter from clogging and causing rainwater to pour over into your patio area, no tools or fasteners are required.  To get some leaf relief, simply fill the entire gutter with 3 foot lengths GutterBrush and leave it in place for year round gutter clog protection.  It is so easy, anyone can install GutterBrush and it comes in 5 different diameters so you do not have to rely on your local gutter guard company.  You can order a commercial sizing sample box which arrives with 3 different sizes used for fitting and choosing the best size for your gutter. Since 2004, sliding GutterBrush into the gutter certainly is the simplest and easiest way to avoid gutter clogs. Learn more at, email, text 401-367-4524 or  call 888-397-9433 to speak to an expert about your gutter.

Alex O'Hanley
Alex O'Hanley

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