Self-Installation: Can I Buy Leaf Filter and Install Myself?

Self-Installation: Can I Buy Leaf Filter and Install Myself?

When it comes to gutter protection, homeowners often weigh the options between various systems like Leaf Filter and GutterBrush. One common query is, "Can I buy Leaf Filter and install myself?" In this blog, we'll explore the aspects of purchasing and installing Leaf Filter, and towards the end, we'll compare it with GutterBrush based on real customer experiences.

Understanding Leaf Filter: A Comprehensive Overview

Leaf Filter stands out in the gutter guard industry with its micro-mesh technology. This system is engineered to trap and prevent even the smallest debris, such as pine needles and fine leaves, from entering your gutters. The core of Leaf Filter's design is a surgical-grade stainless steel mesh combined with a durable uPVC frame. This combination ensures not only the blockage of debris but also longevity and resistance to weather elements.

The effectiveness of Leaf Filter is found in its intricacy. The micro-mesh is fine enough to keep out tiny particles but is also designed to maintain a steady flow of water through the gutters. This balance is key in protecting homes from water damage caused by clogged gutters.

Can I Buy Leaf Filter and Install Myself?

Leaf Filter's installation is a process that the company prefers to be carried out by their professional technicians. This is largely because the effectiveness of their system hinges on precise installation. Factors like the slope of the gutters, the positioning of the mesh, and ensuring that the guards are securely attached play into the overall efficiency of the system.

For homeowners, this means that if you're considering Leaf Filter, you must factor in not only the cost of the materials but also the professional installation service. While this might increase the overall investment, the company argues that this ensures optimum performance and longevity of the product.

The Cost Factor: A Real-Life Perspective

When it comes to gutter guards, the cost is a major deciding factor. Leaf Filter's pricing can vary depending on your home's specific requirements, but it generally represents a significant investment. As one homeowner shared, "Leaf Filter quoted me for $3000," highlighting the the cost of their gutter guard installation.

This cost includes not only the materials but also the specialized labor required for installation. It's important for homeowners to consider this when budgeting for gutter protection solutions and weigh it against the potential long-term benefits of reduced gutter maintenance and protection against water damage.

Performance and Maintenance: What to Expect

Leaf Filter's system, while designed to minimize maintenance, does not eliminate it entirely. The micro-mesh, although highly effective at keeping out debris, can occasionally get covered with fine particles or sap, especially in heavily wooded areas. Homeowners should expect to perform occasional mesh cleaning to ensure the mesh remains unclogged and functional, because when debris lays on the mesh, it can cause the rain water to miss the gutter.

Moreover, like any outdoor product, Leaf Filter's performance can be influenced by extreme weather conditions. Regular checks, especially after heavy storms or winds, can help maintain the gutter guard's efficiency.

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Comparing with DIY Options

In contrast to Leaf Filter's professional installation approach, many homeowners are turning to DIY solutions like GutterBrush. GutterBrush offers a simple yet effective design, which homeowners can easily install themselves. This brush-like system is self fitting and designed to fit directly into the gutters, blocking debris while allowing water to flow freely.  Click here to see the GutterBrush easy installation page.

The main appeal of GutterBrush lies in its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. Unlike Leaf Filter, there is no need for professional installation, which can significantly reduce the overall cost. Moreover, GutterBrush is adaptable to various gutter sizes and shapes, making it a versatile option for a wide range of homes.

Leaf Filter Vs. GutterBrush: Customer Experiences

Let's consider real customer experiences to understand the practical aspects better.

One homeowner shared, 

"I was specifically looking for gutter protection for pine needles and small leaves... Gutter Brush has been installed for a few months and I must say it works! The debris gets trapped in the needles and the gutter underneath is basically debris-free. I don’t see anything trapped in the downspouts. The gutters don’t overflow with water. I am very happy with Gutter Brush!"

Another homeowner recounted their experience with Leaf Filter's sales process, 

"The sales pitch reminded me of a slick car salesman… ‘It’s $6k, but with these discounts I can get you to $4k+...’ In that time I did more research... I couldn’t even remotely justify that kind of money when the Gutterbrushes had done their job for a fraction of the cost and the old ones we pulled out of the gutters were like new.

Making an Informed Choice

When it comes to choosing a gutter protection system, factors like cost, ease of installation, and maintenance requirements play a critical role. Leaf Filter offers a gutter protection solution but at a higher cost and with professional installation requirements. On the other hand, GutterBrush provides an effective, budget-friendly, and easy-to-install alternative, making it a compelling choice for many homeowners. Your decision should align with your specific needs, budget, and preference for maintenance and installation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Can I buy leaf filter and install myself? Leaf Filter requires professional installation, which adds to the overall cost.
  • The high cost of Leaf Filter may not align with all budgets, as highlighted by real customer experiences.
  • GutterBrush offers an effective and more affordable DIY alternative to Leaf Filter.
  • When choosing a gutter guard, consider factors like cost, installation, and maintenance.

About GutterBrush 

At GutterBrush, we offer innovative gutter protection systems for both Residential and Commercial properties. Our unique brush technology, recognized by Home & Garden TV, The Family Handyman, At Home with Gary Sullivan, and Home Depot, ensures your gutters remain clog free while filtering rainwater, reducing the need to frequently buy gutter guards.

A family-owned company serving American homesteads since 2004, we're proud to have over 1200 5-star reviews, supported by a 10-year material warranty and a 365-day refund policy.

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