colorful leaves in a roof's gutter

Protecting Your Gutters is Easy with GutterBrush Leaf Guards

Let’s face it: nobody enjoys the tedious task of gutter cleaning. We wish we could just ignore it, or have no gutters at all, but the consequences would be disastrous. From water stains on your siding to leaks in your roof and foundation, improperly maintained gutters can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. Is there anything, then, that makes this chore any easier? There are several products on the market that claim to protect your gutters so you don’t have to clean them as often. Some require careful installation or change the appearance of your gutters and roof. Others are easy to install, but actually make cleaning more difficult. GutterBrush is easy to install and requires very little maintenance. They don’t change the appearance of your gutters and also protect your gutters from nesting critters. They are a durable, long lasting leaf guard that perform well in all seasons, climates and types of weather. Read on to learn how GutterBrush can help protect your gutters all year round.

Gutter Leaf Protection in the Fall

GutterBrush leaf guard is like a huge pipe cleaner—tons of bristles on a bendable wire. They work  all year round, but were mainly designed to prevent leaves that drop off of trees in the fall from building up and clogging your gutter. When the leaves dry out on the brushes, they normally blow away in the wind, negating the need to constantly climb a ladder every time your trees drop their leaves on your house. The bristle-structure of GutterBrush still allows water to flow freely underneath, so any tiny particles that make it through will wash away with the rain.

Gutter Guard for Critters and Seed Protection in the Spring

Because the round shape of GutterBrush fills the whole gutter, they deter animals from nesting and blocking your gutters.  Some seeds and pine needles may get caught in the bristles as they blow around in the springtime, but most of the time they either blow away with the wind or decompose and wash through your gutters with the rain. GutterBrush will protect your gutters from major clogs, reducing the number of times you have to clean the gutters every year. If your gutters do have a problem spot, cleaning it is as easy as shaking out the GutterBrush in that section.


Gutter Protection in the Winter

Water in your gutters should flow freely with the GutterBrush leaf guard system. It’s important to prevent stagnant water, which can lead to insect breeding, rusting and deterioration of your gutters. As snow melts from your roof, the GutterBrush will help it flow freely through your gutters without getting stuck around chunks of ice or leftover leaves from the fall. Some users even report that the dark-colored bristles of the brushes warm up in the sunshine and help melt ice build-up around the gutters faster.

Maintenance of the GutterBrush leaf guard system is easy as they take care of the hardest work for you—preventing clogs and blocking debris. Installation, though, is even easier. All homeowners must do is measure the size and length of their gutters and buy enough brushes to fill the space. Most homes are fitted with either 5-inch or 6-in wide gutters, so it’s important to purchase the appropriate size for the best protection. GutterBrush leaf guard can bend around curves, so there’s no need to cut or alter the brushes to fit your specific gutters. Simply place them in your gutters, do an annual check-up on them, and occasionally shake out any problem areas. For homeowners who dislike cleaning their gutters, or for those who can’t physically complete this chore, GutterBrush is a lifesaver. Not only do they cut down on annual maintenance, but they also protect your home from costly repairs due to water damage associated with clogged gutters.

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