Best Gutter Guards For Pine Needles

Pine Needle Gutter Guard

GutterBrush is a pine needle gutter guard. It works at stopping the gutter from clogging with pine needles and other gutter leaves and debris.  People try GutterBrush, and they are surprised; very pleasantly surprised at how well it protects the gutter and keeps it flowing.  GutterBrush stops gutters from clogging with pine needles and since GutterBrush inception in 2004, many thousands of customers are very happy with the way GutterBrush solves clogging, even with pine needles. 


Let's cut to the chase, shall we?  Then, later in the article I will elaborate and describe.

People ask, Don’t Pine Needles Get Stuck in the Gutter Brushes

The gutter does not clog but the answer is yes, pine needles do get stuck in the bristles but the gutter does not clog.


What's so Great About GutterBrush Guarding the Gutter From Pine Needles

GutterBrush accepts rain water, even fast rain water better than any other gutter guard and it also keeps the gutter from clogging with pine needles and other debris.

What's The Problem With Other Guards and Pine Needles

Pine Needles are difficult for gutter systems and even extremely costly gutter guards.  Most people pay thousands only to find that the gutter guard sends the water past the gutter, especially when covered with pine needles or filled with pine needles.  Most gutter guards are shaped like a ramp that sends the water past the outer edge of the gutter in certain conditions.  This debris-ramp-overshoot is one of the biggest problems with “linear” shaped gutter guards.  Restricting the gutter opening and creating a shelf above the gutter is a recipe for keeping the water out.  Traditional gutter guards restrict the gutter opening.

Gutter Guards Pine Needle Problems

Pine Needle Gutter Guard and then Disappointment

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on something and it does not work?  For example, in the first month, a heavy wind blows covering your gutter guard or gutter screen or gutter cover with pine needles and that same storm brings fast heavy rain that cascades fast down the roof, hits the debris covered gutter guard and overshoots the gutter, such a scenario is very disappointing if you had spent a ton of money, less so if you didn't spend much

Why is GutterBrush the Best Pine Needle Gutter Guard ?

Because its easy (user friendly), it works, it won’t break the bank and it accepts water, even fast water the best.  Everyone likes being able to take control of their gutter clog problems while also saving money.   Click here to see all sizes of GutterBrush.


Testimonial from a Pine Needle Gutter Brush Customer 

Click this link to see pine needle testimonials.

Do Gutter Guards work with pine needles ?

GutterBrush keeps the gutter from clogging with pine needles, I will write more about that below. There are some things to discuss about pine needles, it's not just the thin “needle” shape that can fit into even the tiny-est of gutter screen or gutter topper openings, it is also the fact that they fall in high volumes.  They do  not only drop in during the autumn season, rather they hang on to the tree and they fall all year long when the wind blows them loose. Pine needles will certainly fit into the slot in a gutter helmet style device and if they do not fit inside the device, the pine needles will lay on top of the device.  The real problem is that those types of gutter protection devices are expensive and complicated; and everything (including gutter guards)  out the debris field needs maintenance at some point to continue to perform properly.  All gutter guards out in the debris field will need maintenance and some of the complicated guards are difficult to take apart to clean.  Additionally, they are linear flat items pointing towards the outer edge of the gutter so when gutter debris or pine needles lay on top of them, it creates a flat mat that the fast water uses as a ramp.  Imagine, you have a gutter guard company install gutter mesh over your gutter, only to find that in the first 4 months, it gets covered with a layer of pine needles and much of the water is now overshooting the gutter unless you break out that ladder and go up there and brush them off.  The maintenance is the reason why a major gutter mesh company offers a free gutter guard brush with each installation.  Gutterbrush keeps the gutter from clogging and is very easy to maintain and completely renew if or when necessary because nothing is fastened and the system is user friendly.

Best Pine Needle Gutter Guard, What a Contractor Says

John is from California, as a contractor he performs pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, and he cleans gutters for 6 months out of the year.  John never bought any Gutterbrush, and Gutterbrush didn’t even know who he was until a few weeks ago, but he works in a location in California that is just inundated with pine needles everywhere. He went on to explain that he knows his gutters  and his customers and due to the pine needles, none of the gutter guard systems work.  Years ago, he came across one of his customer’s gutters which was filled with Gutterbrush and flowing just fine.  He swears that due to the massive abundance of pine needles, Gutterbrush is the only gutter protection that works.  For years he was suggesting that his customers purchase Gutterbrush direct and when he arrives to clean the gutters, he will install it.  Gutterbrush just met him 2 weeks ago, yet he had been installing GutterBrush for years due to the pine needle problem, and the fact that GutterBrush keeps the gutter from clogging and nothing else works.  Those were his words, but John went on to say that the GutterBrush system actually helps him perform the maintenance faster too.  His style is that when he shows up for a regular gutter cleaning at certain pre-discussed intervals or years, he aggressively pulls the brushes out and bangs them out for renewal and re-installation.  He claims it is faster for him to do that with 3 foot lengths, than it would otherwise be for him to scoop individual handfuls of all of the pine needle debris; so he loves the easier maintenance process while his customers love the free flowing gutters.

GutterBrush and Pine Needles by Gary Sullivan Renowned Home Improvement Talk Host 

Gary Sulivan is a famous home improvement radio talk show host and he has GutterBrush on his own home.  One area of his home has a gutter that receives a healthy dose of pine needles.  Gary says the gutter continues to flow just fine.  He also says “  Sure you do have to put up with some visible Pine Needles but the gutter continues to flow just fine.”   Click here to see the Gary Sullivan Radio Talk Show Host web site.  Gary's show is called "At Home With Gary Sullivan".  People listen and learn from his wealth of home improvement and product knowledge.

Pine Needle Build Up Visible

There is nothing any gutter guard company can do to keep debris from building up on a gutter guard, debris lays on and sticks to even smooth metal devices.  GutterBrush keeps the gutter from clogging and also accepts the rain water into the gutter better than any other gutter guard or leaf guard system.  The key is that GutterBrush keeps the gutter from clogging.

Important! The Gutter is Still Not Clogged With Pine Needles

It is important to understand the way GutterBrush keeps gutters from clogging with pine n needles.   Lets use an example that a gutter had already been filled entirely with Gutterbrush a good long while ago and this particular gutter had lots of pine needles dropped all over it for a long time: so much that with this gutter, some of it is now ready for GutterBrush maintenance.  It is important to know that even when GutterBrush has reached the point of needing maintenance, the gutter still is not clogged!  During a light or normal rain storm, this gutter will flow just fine.  When Gutterbrush gets to the point when it is time for maintenance, the gutter still is not clogged; the flow may only be diminished but the gutter is still not clogged.  The customer can tell that it may be time for maintenance, when the heaviest of rains begins to display a little pour over at one spot initially; but the gutter still has not clogged.

Pine Needle Gutter Guard,  What GutterBrush Customers Say

Gutterbrush customers explain all of the time how the GutterBrush pine needle gutter guard solves  gutter and downspout clogging.  A common scenario heard repetitively all year is that a customer calls Gutterbrush and explains the difficulty pine needles are causing with their gutters.  Typically, they will explain that they must clean their gutters 5 times per year and even if they perform gutter clearings 5 times, in between the gutter cleanings the gutter continues to get inundated with pine needles, clogging and pouring over.  Such a typical customer will install GutterBrush and call back explaining how happy they are to have free flowing gutters all year for the first time ever; with a ladder visit and maintenance being reduced to once every year or year and a half.   Gutterbrush customers often try a little Gutterbrush just to see how it works.  Later after they are pleasantly surprised,  they call back and order more.  Click here to see small footage packs of GutterBrush.

Pine Needle Gutter Guards Because Pine Needles Cant Clump and Flow to Clog

I cleaned gutters for 25 years so I do understand how gutters clog.  Obviously, pine needles are very thin and a pine needle on its own could never be a reason for a clogged gutter.  The way a gutter clogs is as follows,  Gutter debris enters and lays in the gutter.  A heavy rain happens, and the rain water rushes down the roof, enters the gutter and creates a river of water flow within  the gutter.  That river of water flow, floats and moves the individual pieces of gutter debris down the gutter channel.  As the pine needles  float down the gutter channel, they get hung up on other pine needles.  As more and more debris floats towards it, the clump becomes larger  and larger with each piece attempting to pass but also getting stuck.  Eventually, that pine needle clump either becomes a large dam causing a clog, or the clump gets floated further down the gutter where it tries to flow down the downspout.  Unfortunately, that clump becomes too large to fit down the downspout so it becomes a plug that clogs the gutter outlet tube.  Most gutter clogging is caused at the outlet tube when a large plug of debris is floated down the gutter river and is too large to fit down the downspout, so the gutter clogs

No More Pine Needle Clump and Flow, No More Pine Needle Gutter Clogging

When Gutterbrush is properly sized to your gutter and filling the entire gutter, it is a pine needle gutter guard and the gutter will not clog from pine needles because the pine needles can no longer clump together and flow to create a larger dam or plug; so the gutter will not clog.   The pine needles can no longer flow to pile up and make a larger problem.  Yes there will be pine needles stuck in the brush  but they can’t flow to create a larger plug so the gutter will not clog.

Gutter Guard for Pine Needles, Easy Gutter Guard Installation and Maintenance is Easy

Just fill the entire gutter with three foot lengths of Gutterbrush,  The bristles protect the flow and keep debris out of the gutter channel, while the rain water flows between the bristles and down the downspouts. GutterBrush customers enjoy a user friendly system and free flowing gutters.  Eventually, if or when maintenance becomes necessary, just pull the brushes out, bang them on a hard surface and the debris drops out, clean the gutter and reinstall your Gutterbrush pine needle gutter guard completely renewed to start performing perfectly again.  If it is a wet day when you go to remove your GutterBrush, you might want to throw a  towel over it to avoid any wetness spatter from the flexible bristles. 

Anyone Can Install This DIY Gutter Guard For Pine Needles

You can purchase Gutterbrush directly from their website with free shipping to any location in the continental USA.  GutterBrush is so easy to install, anyone can install it as long as they are capable of reaching their gutters which usually requires a ladder.  If you perform your own gutter cleanings, you can easily install Gutterbrush. It's the best DIY gutter guard for pine needles.  If you are not comfortable on  a ladder,  you can purchase Gutterbrush directly and have it installed by any contractor, gutter cleaning company, landscaper, pressure washer, window washer, taskmaster online service, handyman, painter, roofer,  neighbor or friend.   Click here to go to

Call the folks at GutterBrush at 888-397-9433 to learn more or email them at  GutterBrush has rigid but flexible bristles that handle mother nature's punishment and last for many years out in the gutter.  GutterBrush is UV. protected from the sun, and has been made in  the USA with very high quality materials since 2004. They put a 10 year manufacturer’s material warranty on GutterBrush and they deliver a very high quality product.

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