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When it comes to the comfort you get in being a homeowner, it is incredible how the roof plays a critical role in ensuring that you’re protected from the rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Because of this, the roof is one of the key areas of your home that you should pay close attention to. In fact, early detection can prevent roof leaks from starting. Follow these guidelines on how toprevent roof leaks to keep your roof in better shape for a long time.

Roof leaks are a frustrating experience because of the damage it causes to your home. This is bothin terms of property damage and, of course, the additional repair costs required. It’s common for most roof leaks to go undetected for quite a long time—which means that you only  notice it when there is already a considerable amount of damage. The first visible signs you’ll likely detect will be staining on either the walls or the ceiling of your house. In a worse case scenario, you won’t have any warning of imminent roof failure.

As a homeowner, you needto always be alertin order to avoid such occurrences. Look at the following simple yet effective roof leak prevention measures:

Annual Roof Inspections

It is recommended by roofing pros to have your roof inspected annually by a roofing specialist to ensure that it remains in good shape. This helps you discover any impending signs which may lead to roof leaks and eventually causeserious and costly damages. While you can do the inspection yourself, a roof specialist is trained in all signs of early detection as well as safety measures while he’s on your roof.

Keep Gutters Flowing Properly by Installing Gutter Guards

As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Byinstalling the GutterBrush Gutter Guard system, you prevent hazards caused by clogged gutters. In fact, GutterBrush is soeffective that it wasnamed a top product by the roofing industry experts of Metal Roofing and Gutter Opportunities Magazine.

GutterBrush simple leaf guard keeps your gutter free from debris that can render yourgutters useless. They ensure that therain water flows freely down thegutter without backing up and causing damage to your house.

This easy DIY gutter guard product can save you thousands of dollars in damage and repairs!

Check the Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is often overlooked as a cause of roof leaks. However, flashing can be the root cause of major leak points. Flashing is installed around any opening between the shingles and structure. They are installed around the chimneys, skylight, or vents. Flashing leaks can be a serious threat to your roof.

During that annual roof inspection, ask the specialist to check your roof flashing to ensure they’re tight-fitting and in good shape. This is of the utmost importance to stop your roof from leaking.

Roof Chimney Flashing

Trimming and Maintenance of Trees

Tree branches scraping across your roof or limbs falling onto your roofline during a storm can cause catastrophic damage to both your roof and gutters. The best bet to prevent this? Keep trees close to your home well-trimmed and away from your roof!  

This job, like a roof inspection, is best left to the pros!

Replace Worn-Out and Missing Shingles

Worn-out and missing shingles expose your roof structure (and home at large) to the detrimental effects caused by water leaks.  Ensure the safety of your home, family and other valuables by replacing any missing or worn-out shingles.


No matter how frustrating it may be, roof leaks remain a preventable phenomenon. Early detection of problems and maintenance are the best way to keep your roof in good shape for many years. Remember that roofing issues and leaks are best left to skilled roofing professionals. These pros know how to get the job done safely and prevent further damage. When a repair isn’t an option, they will be able to guide you through all your roof replacement options.

Alex O'Hanley
Alex O'Hanley

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