Gutter Overflow caused by New Roof

Gutter Overflow caused by New Roof

After New Roof - Gutter Overflow

Last week a gutter customer sent me an email with the above title.  Below is a copy of the email.

Good afternoon Alex
I found your information on the internet along with your offer to evaluate my gutters utilizing Google Earth.   I replaced my roof in 2019 due to hurricane damage. The job included new 6 inch gutters.  Since that install I have had ongoing issues with heavy rain water overshooting my gutters.  The roofer came back and installed wedges under the gutters to raise them up.  When that didn’t work them came back and installed a two inch lip on the gutters and additional splash guards.   I still have some overflow although it is not as bad. It also seems that I have drainage occurring between the gutter and the roof in spots.   When they replaced the roof they used a different tile riser.  I believe to be the root of the problem; however it is “the one recommended by Eagle Tile”.   I would appreciate any help or advice you can provide.    BTW their website ANONYMOUS Roofing states barrel tile roof should have a seven inch gutter.   The roofer refused to replace the six inch which was written in my contract likely in error.     By now I am certain with all the trips and extra labor it would have been cheaper for them to replace the entire gutter.

Thank you in advance.
My address is   Anonymous, City, Florida

Gutter Overflow after a New Roof Is Installed

Below is my response to the customer via email that same day.

Hello Susan:
Thank you very much for your email about how water is overshooting your gutter ever since your new tile roof was installed with a different tile riser, as you have explained. 
Whenever an alteration is made  that affects where the water comes off the roof drip edge,  such an event can cause the gutter to be in the wrong position to accept the water.   

Vented Drip Edge Causes Gutter Overshoot

Here's an example:  Customer's home is improperly vented, so a new roof is being installed to repair the venting.  If the home has a cathedral ceiling right up against the sloped roof rafters and it is built with post and beam construction,  then the home will need a "vented drip edge" in order to vent every rafter bay.  The vented drip edge has a different configuration than a normal drip edge to make way for the air intake, so the water comes off the roof 2 inches out further than the original drip edge.  As a contractor, if I change the features of the drip edge,  then I must also be business-responsible for the effect.  When changing from a normal drip edge to a vented drip edge, the contractor must either install a larger gutter or remove the gutter and "pack out" the fascia so that the gutter can be reinstalled in the proper position;  otherwise the water will miss the gutter and the customer will be upset looking for retribution of some sort.

Roof Change,  Who Is Responsible for Gutter Problem

It sounds like your roofer altered the way that the water comes off of your roof, but did not appropriately reposition or replace the gutter.  Water drains off of tile and metal roofs fast:  ie  fast water,  making the position of the gutter very important.   This is the same as when a roofer installs a new roof over an existing roof which happens all of the time with metal roofing.  If they lay a new roof over the existing metal roof,  the new position of the drip edge is now higher than it was prior, therefore the gutter must be re-positioned or replaced. 
If a contractor performs a job and it causes a "collateral issue",  the contractor should be responsible for correcting the issue or be liable for the damage.  Here's another example;  If a roofer installs a new roof that is very slippery, and the old roof was not slippery, and the slippery nature of the new roof causes a snow slide that causes expensive damage or even worse bodily injury, you can bet that the roofer can be held liable for making that change.  Sometimes it requires a serious complaint but contractors can be held liable for collateral issues and repercussions of changes they make to your roof or home.

GutterBrush Gutter Service Using Google Earth

We are not able to evaluate your gutters using Google Earth.  We are capable of providing valuable information as well as a quote for Gutterbrush which will keep your gutters from clogging but also might be a solution which may be able to stop some or all of the water from overshooting the gutter.   Here's a link to contact Gutterbrush experts about your gutter problem.

An Easy Solution to Gutter Overflow from New Roof

As mentioned above,  we have metal roofers who install Gutterbrush to catch the water and draw it into the gutters.
I can not evaluate your gutters using Google earth because they are too small in the satellite view, to identify.  What we can see is the profile of the roof which enables us to estimate the total footage of gutter, so we can provide a Gutterbrush quote;  however it would be up to you or your contractor to verify the correct Gutterbrush size before purchasing.    I will send you a Gutterbrush quote that may solve your problem, but due to the problems you are experiencing,  you will want to have someone who can .
1) Inspect your gutters and determine why you are having problems.  ( feel free to send me pictures)
2) Inspect the areas where water is flowing behind the gutter to determine if this is a leakage problem or not.  (if not, you can opt to do nothing)
3) At areas where water flows behind the gutter, slide fascia metal under the roof drip edge and over the back edge of the gutter to stop the breach.
4) Report all problems of over-shoot to your inspector so he or she can determine why it is happening.
5) If the inspector determines that water is just overshooting the gutter by an inch or so,  then there is a very good chance that installation of Gutterbrush will direct the water into the gutter because the bristles extend upward higher than the outer edge of the gutter,  therefore Gutterbrush may solve your overshoot problem because if sized properly,  the rain water will hit the bristles and be drawn into the gutter.
6) Have the inspector or contractor determine what is necessary to stop the overshoot.
7) The Inspector would get multiple GutterBrush samples to set them in the gutter comparing various Gutterbrush sizes or diameters and further verify the validity of this solution.   In other words,  someone needs to see the gutter problem and determine that Gutterbrush's bristle extension will solve the problem.
8) In all areas where it is determined that the Gutterbrush extended bristles,  will solve the overshoot problem,  simply measure the intended footage, and purchase the correct size that will solve the problem.
9)  Once received ( free UPS Shipping)  Your representative would simply clear the gutters and install GutterBrush filling the gutter from end to end.  It is very easy and anyone who can clean gutters can install Gutterbrush.
If the above solution does not prove to be prudent,  then you would need to have the existing gutters removed.  You may need carpentry to install the proper fascia board in the correct position as needed,  to receive your new 7 inch gutter.  When you get your new 7 inch gutter,  please consider filling it with Gutterbrush to keep it from clogging and to direct the water into the gutter.
I will send you a quote for the estimated amount of Gutterbrush that your current 6 inch gutters would require.  In a 6" k-style common seamless gutter we recommend our 5.25" actual diameter as the correct way to provide clog protection so that is what my estimate will include, however your representative may determine that our 6.5" brush is necessary to help your water problem.  The 5.25" brush extends about 1.125" higher than the outer edge of the gutter and is the proper size for the 6 inch gutter.   The larger brush may be necessary to solve your problem but if the larger brush is chosen you will want to ask about any possible side effects from putting a larger bristle brush into the gutter, larger than the one recommended which is 5.25".  Explaining such is too much to type.
I will email over an estimate for the price of the Gutterbrush based on our 5.25" diameter brush.  Our estimate includes Gutterbrush materials and delivery only and does not include labor, but contractors use Gutterbrush all the time to stop overshoot and direct the water into the gutter.   GutterBrush unfortunately does not have a relationship with any contractors near you.
Again,  I will take a look at your gutters and provide you with an estimate to provide the expected Gutterbrush, but our estimate does not include labor.
Please feel free to call or email me with follow up questions.
Do you have a gutter cleaning person that you trust?
Thank you for reaching out to me.
Alex    Gutterbrush
I then followed up and sent this email.
Hello Susan:
I have replied. You should have received a long email from me which is in this email chain.   I have also emailed you an official " draft order quote".
Attached is the satellite view which I used to create the quote.
Please let me know if you have questions.   Feel free to call me.  
Sincerely  Alex   GutterBrush  888-397-9433




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