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January 16, 2018 2 min read

Before you decide to install GutterBrush, it is important that you clean out you gutter. If you avoid cleaning the gutter, you may inadvertently damage your house and gutters. Here are some tips to help you with gutter maintenance. Manyof them have to do with gaining a basic understanding of the importance of cleaning gutters and how they can benefit you. 

When is it Time to Clean The Gutters?
If you are able to see dirt and twigs building up in the gutters, it’s time. Most people
suggest cleaning your gutters at the end of the spring and the fall, as most debris
accumulates during that time. Cleaning seasonally will ensure that you are not forcing  unnecessary weight on the gutters. With more weight, you can run the risk of watching your gutters slowly separate from your house, which will be more financially draining down the road.

Why Do I Need to Clean Them?
Debris can often times put extra weight on your gutters that is not needed. With too
much weight, there is a chance that your gutters will not stay on your house or will be deformed. Deformity in your gutter will cause them to direct water to unwanted places. Gutters that lack clarity will also impact the direction of the water that falls from the roof. Gutters that are clogged will eventually lead to leaks in the basement, cracks in the foundations of the walls, damage to the roof of your home, and many other problems. How Do I Clean Them?   It’s important that you can set aside a time to clear your gutters, especially if they are extremely clogged. To do this, you can use simple tools like a pair of gloves, a hose, and a sturdy ladder. Making sure that you have a stable ladder is the most important step, as it will prevent you from any physical damages, both to you and your home. The intensity of the project depends on how your home is laid out, so make sure you set aside enough time to properly clean the gutters.  What Damage Do Unmaintained Gutters Bring?

The basic priority of a gutter is to make sure the water that erodes the soil is directed  away from the house. Gutters that don’t do their job put the foundation at risk of  deterioration.

-Basement Flooding

The more water that enters your home, the more water it will leak down to the base of  your house. If the water is directed away from the house and basement, the growth of mold and mildew is prevented, and walls that might be at risk of exposure to moisture will be saved.

How Can I Keep My Gutters From Getting Clogged?
If you install GutterBrush, you will be able to keep the leaves from clogging the gutters.  There will be initial investment, but down the road you will save money in costly repairs  and time in continual gutter maintenance by protecting your gutter with GutterBrush.

Alex O'Hanley
Alex O'Hanley

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