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Leaf Guards for Gutters of All Shapes

Leaf Guards for Gutters of odd Shapes

It is hard to find in the gutter marketplace:

  • Metal building gutter guards
  • Car port gutter guards
  • Four seasons room gutter guards
  • Awning gutter guards
  • Lanai gutter guards
  • Steel building gutter guards
  • PEB building gutter guards
  • Sunroom gutter guards


custom gutter leaf guard

While performing construction in New England during the 1970s, we learned to appreciate the function and the design of the standard 5 " K-style seamless gutter.  Back then, a very high percentage of homes and buildings had been outfitted with wood gutters, which did not even have full fascia leak protection.  Gutter renovation and perimeter leak repairs included either installing a continuous flat locked and soldered 16 ounce custom copper gutter lining, or rebuilding the soffit with carpentry to modify the rafter ends to install a full fascia board which would receive a new .032 aluminum k-style seamless 5” gutter.  Working with, and observing the poor rain flow performance of the fairly shallow wood gutters, gave us a great appreciation for the functionality and storm drainage water carrying capacity of the 5” K style gutter.  It is a super gutter that is reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing, durable, strong, and the workhorse of the gutter industry; so it is no surprise that since then, the 5” K style gutter and the 6“ oversize K style gutters (also known as K-gutters or Ogee gutters) have grown to such gutter market dominance and massive popularity. Due to such popularity and high gutter installation volume, there is no shortage of readily available gutter accessories, leaf guards for gutters and products designed for the k style gutter.  Manufacturers and contractors line up to invest, research, and develop, with the hopes of being able to offer the latest greatest accessory gutter guard products and services with the newest technological “bells and whistles''.   But what is a person to do if they have a building or a residence with a uniquely shaped unpopular gutter or a custom gutter?

metal building gutter guard
Leaf guards for gutters of common shapes and styles are prevalent in the rain  storm drainage market place but many building owners have gutters, which common leaf guards for gutters do not fit and will not work to stop gutter clogging.

Where do people turn, to stop their uncommonly shaped gutter clogging. These less common and more rare gutters of many different shapes and gutter sizes exist in far lower volume and therefore do not attract new cookie cutter inventions and problem solving accessory gutter solutions.  One size does not fit all with leaf guards for gutters on custom gutters and uniquely shaped gutters, while the tree lines are growing closer and closer to residential gutters and metal building gutters every day.  Yes, the gutter leaves are growing closer by the day, so what is a building owner to do, when typical gutter leaf screens, gutter guard mesh, gutter covers and gutter helmets will not fit ?   Owners of these gutters are treated like they are on the island of misfit toys in  the movie Rudolph The Red Nose Rain Deer.  Nobody wants a train with square wheels or a bird that swims and these multiple categories of gutters like car port gutters, metal building gutters and awning gutters are being treated by the gutter accessory community as if they are on the "island of misfit gutters".

These odd shaped misfit unusual gutter owners turn to Gutterbrush brush gutter guard for a simple, logical, affordable, easy, no tools solution to gutter clogging in unusual odd shaped gutters and custom gutters.  GutterBrush's flexible brush gutter guard design fits these misfit gutters, is easy to simply slide in to place with no fasteners required, and it stops those other wise left-out gutters from clogging.

Gutters made for many prefabricated structures are designed and shaped uniquely, such that typical leaf guard gutter protection solutions do not fit and will not work.  Manufacturers of prefabricated structures have their own gutter agenda.  For example, metal building manufacturers, also known as pre-engineered buildings or PEB buildings and steel buildings, want to furnish prefabricated metal building gutters that carry the rain water, are easy to install, make the building look good and are incredibly strong to handle winter snow and ice sliding from a large smooth metal roof.  The uniquely shaped metal building gutters typically have a front gutter edge that extends upward much higher than the back gutter edge; and even extends upward higher than the metal roof's drip edge.  The unusually high front prefabricated gutter edge is designed that way, to enable the gutter to be directly strapped to the upper portion of the metal roof ribs making an extremely strong gutter configuration.   Additionally, the higher front gutter edge serves to provide a nice straight-line appearance intentionally concealing defects or lack of straightness that otherwise would likely be obvious when one is viewing the roof drip edge and the roof panels from certain vantage points.  This prefabricated metal building gutter ( PEB gutter) design provides enormous strength while improving the aesthetic appearance of the building because it hides straightness  imperfections, but please note that they intentionally designed and created a gutter that breaks the logical rules of storm water drainage, building protection and guttering.  That high front gutter edge serves dual purposes, but also makes it impossible to install gutter screens or a gutter cover that will solve gutter clogging.  Even if it could work to avoid gutter clogs, the installation of gutter screens or a gutter cover would require cutting, trimming and excessive roof and gutter surface fastening around every gutter strap or gutter hanger, which is illogical and cost prohibitive due to the amount of time it would take.  There is just no practical way to fit this style of gutter with traditional gutter screens or gutter cover.  Additionally, the gutter shape profile and the angles of the gutter are different with each building application depending on the slope of the metal building roof, further decreasing any chance of reasonable gutter installation volume for advancement of a new cookie cutter leaf guard invention accessory.  GutterBrush is not just a gutter guard for metal building gutters, other structures with this horrible gutter design, similar gutter shape and unique leaf guard requirement include carport gutters, awning gutters, Lanais gutters,Patio room gutters and steel building gutters.


pool screen super gutter

One other category of odd shaped gutters that have been left out as misfit gutters, is the category of super gutters on swimming pool screen rooms.  These super gutters are named as "super" because they are incredibly strong in order to support the structure of the swimming pool bug screen frame or "screen cage".  These gutters have also been left out as misfits.  The flexible brush guard design of Gutterbrush and the fact that it comes in 5 diameters makes it a super gutter guard or a gutter guard for super gutters.

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GutterBrush provides excellent maintainable gutter clog protection for all of these odd unique gutters.  Owners of metal buildings and other prefabricated structures have an even greater need for gutter protection, because when these particular buildings gutter clogs, the high front gutter edge forces the rain water to back-up inside the interior of the metal building or steel building causing possible storm water leakage and interior damage.  Simply fill the entire steel building gutter with three foot lengths of GutterBrush brush gutter guard and leave it in place for year round, very effective gutter clog protection. With GutterBrush in place, gutter leaves and debris can no longer clump together and flow to cause gutter clogs; or plug the downspout outlets.  Gutterbrush is fantastic gutter guard protection for metal building gutters, awning gutters, carport gutters and other unique and custom gutters.
pool screen super gutter clog
Since 2004, GutterBrush has been manufactured in the USA with five durable long lasting and flexible brush gutter guard sizes for all gutter sizes; sizes ranging from 3.25” to a full 8” diameter.  The flexibility, of the UV sun protected leaf guard brush bristles, allows this simple brush leaf guard to be fit through smaller drip edge openings and enables it to assume the shape of an array of varying custom gutter sizes and gutter shape profiles.   Some of these prefabricated gutters have a very small opening between the metal roof drip edge and the outer edge of the gutter but because GutterBrush bristles are flexible, our brush gutter guard can be slid into the gutter opening easily. The bristles spring back into place once in the gutter. The result is a fantastic speedy gutter protection system that is easy for anyone to install with no tools or fastening required; and is eventually easy to maintain and renew many times over with a brush gutter guard life expectancy of over 15 years out in the gutter elements.  Those with common K style gutters, as well as those with odd shaped gutters, built in gutters and custom gutters rely on GutterBrush for the easiest way to avoid gutter clogs and decrease gutter cleaning maintenance visits up the ladder.  GutterBrush leaf guards for gutters, offers sizing sample packages which each provide three brush leaf guard sizes in one sample box for fitting, viewing and comparison. Click here for sizing samples, both residential and commercial packs.

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