DIY Plastic Gutter guard

DIY Plastic Gutter guard

Navigating DIY projects as a younger woman homeowner can sometimes feel like stepping into a world that doesn't quite expect you to show up with a tool belt ready to tackle the complications and challenges of home maintenance. But here I am, determined to prove that not only can I handle these tasks, but I can also make informed decisions about the best products for my home, such as selecting the perfect plastic gutter guard

Do It Yourself Plastic Gutter Guard

My journey into the world of gutter guards began when I noticed the leaves piling up in my plastic gutters every fall, leading to clogs and water overflow. I knew I needed a gutter clogging solution that was effective yet manageable for someone like me, who prefers a hands-on approach but without the complexity or the need for professional installation.  I am not yet very good with tools, but I am determined to improve as I do more DIY projects. The more projects I work on, the more my dexterity and coordination improves, however it will be some number of years before I can take on complicated projects that require construction experience. That's when I stumbled upon the concept of GutterBrush gutter guards, a simple yet ingenious solution that seemed almost too good to be true.  Lastly, when I called 888-397-9433, I called at night and left a message but they called me right back the next morning.   They have a gutter expert standing by to talk on the phone and answer GutterBrush brush gutter guards questions as well as questions about any gutter.

Gutter Guard for Plastic Gutters and DIY Plastic Gutter Guard

The backstory of GutterBrush, discovered by accident when a cleaning brush was left in a gutter only to prevent clogs, intrigued me. It sounded exactly like the kind of DIY serendipity I could get behind. What's more, learning that these gutter guards for plastic or any gutters,  have been on the market for 20 years gave me confidence in their effectiveness and durability.  They are composed of UV protected polypropylene rigid plastic bristles so it is both a gutter guard for plastic gutters because it fits inside any gutter, and it is also a plastic gutter guard because it is composed of plastic.

DIY Gutter Guard Fits Plastic Gutter of All Sizes

I appreciated that GutterBrush guards came in a variety of sizes, with the 4.25” diameter being the most common and suitable for standard residential  plastic gutters like mine. The idea of simply sliding these brush guards into my gutters, without the need for fastening or tools, appealed to my DIY spirit. The promise of an easy-to-install and maintain system, that didn't require hiring a professional or mastering complex installation techniques, was exactly what I was looking for.  The 4.25" actual diameter brush fits perfectly in my common plastic gutter that was purchased at a big box store.   If I were not certain of which size would fit my gutter, they offer this page for how to measure for brush gutter guards.


Plastic User Friendly Gutters Need a Guard

Plastic gutters,  also known as vinyl gutters like the ones on my home, often get a bad rap for being less popular among professional contractors. But for a DIY homeowner like myself, they offer an accessible and user-friendly option. I was encouraged to learn that GutterBrush was not only compatible with plastic gutters but was also effective in preventing clogs in them. This compatibility meant I could improve the functionality of my existing gutter system without the need for a complete overhaul or a new gutter system.  Anyway, I like my plastic gutters and i just needed a way to keep them from clogging that I could install myself;  a diy plastic gutter guard.  I see plastic gutters at the big box stores,  they must sell a ton of them so i's imagine lots of diy-ers are in need of a plastic gutter guard.

Installing GutterBrush under the gutter brackets and filling the gutter from end to end for optimal clog protection seemed like a task I could confidently tackle over a weekend. Knowing that these brush guards don't restrict water entry into the gutter, unlike some screen and cover systems, reassured me that I was making a smart choice for my home's needs.  I was stuck asking, which gutter guards fit my plastic gutters?  But the screens and covers don't fit my plastic gutters anyway.

Choosing GutterBrush as a gutter guard solution felt empowering. It was a decision made easier by the product's simplicity, effectiveness, and the assurance that it wouldn't add unnecessary weight to my vinyl gutters. Plus, the idea of not having to climb up to my roof to clean out gutters as frequently was a significant bonus.

Gutter Guard for Any Gutter Builds Confidence

As a younger woman taking on DIY gutter projects in a field that often feels male-dominated, finding products like GutterBrush that simplify home maintenance tasks is incredibly valuable. The fact that Gutterbrush comes in 5 sizes, makes it an easy path for anyone's success. It allows me to maintain my home's integrity, prevent potential issues, and enjoy the satisfaction of completing these projects on my own terms. And perhaps, sharing my experience can inspire other women homeowners to dive into their DIY gutter projects with confidence, knowing that with the right products and solutions, we're more than capable of taking care of our homes.  After you finish installing this easy DIY plastic gutter guard, your do-it-yourself confidence will be through the roof.

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