Soldered copper gutter clog protection DIY gutter guard

Gutter Guard for Slate Roof, Copper Gutter; Case Study

Soldered copper box gutter clog protection slate roof gutter guard

Project: Simple Slate Roof Gutter Guard in Custom Copper Gutter

Location:  Rhode Island

Gutter Type:  Custom brake formed, flat locked, soldered 20 Ounce Lead Coated Copper built-in box gutter at Slate roof.

Climate:  Northeast USA:  Hot Summers, snow and ice winters.

GutterGuard: Commercial GutterBrush for 7” gutters, 6.5” diameter - UV Protected

Building Style: Gothic Victorian w/ Slate Mansard

Built : 1994

Building Architect:  Lombard Pozzi

Modeled After:  Redwood Library, Newport RI

Building Description: Although much architectural detail, slate and copper outside, the interior is hard to believe. Ornate moldings, F.P.Mantels (4) floors all maple, with each room trim a special maple, such as Tiger, Bird's Eye, Curly. Cabinetry built in place as it would have been in the 1870's, employing African Rosewood with one of the special maple grains. Floor inlays of the same rosewood where possible.

Remarks:   Jim M. 12-7-21 from Rhode Island wrote:  I have used over 300 feet of GutterBrush simple Lead Guard for 7” Gutters (6.5” diameter) at my Gothic Victorian style home in Rhode Island.   More than 2 years into it, they still save me what used to be 4 trips per year up the ladder to clear the gutters.  Whatever had been stuck in the bristles had been reduced to sludge and the downspouts have continued to run freely. My copper built-in “box” gutters are a custom architectural component of the house and "electrolysis" damage is a problem with copper gutters and other gutter guards; but not GutterBrush leaf guard.  Similar to a wooden boat, where fastenings are "eaten" by electrolysis, my gutters "eat" scuppers and downspouts (unless copper) . This was a concern I had about GutterBrush, but your Brush doesn't "conduct" to the "windings".  Thank you GutterBrush simple leaf guard system.

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