Better Downspout Strainer to Solve Clogging French Drains

Better Downspout Strainer to Solve Clogging French Drains

As a homeowner who's grappled with the challenge of keeping my in-ground storm drains, or French drains, clear of debris, I've journeyed through various solutions with varying degrees of success. The constant battle against leaves, twigs, and other debris clogging these crucial drainage pathways is a familiar one, especially after every windstorm that seems to litter my property with yard waste.  If leaves and debris are laying in my yard, then they must be blowing down the roof and into my gutters where they can cause clogging french drains.  Initially, to start this journey, I came across this article about keeping debris out of in ground drainage systems.

Small Wire Basket Strainers Clog Too Often

Initially, I turned to wire basket strainers and typical downspout guards, hopeful for a quick fix. These seemed like a straightforward solution to prevent leaves from entering and clogging my French drains, which are essential for directing rainwater away from my home and preventing water damage. However, the relief was short-lived. These strainers quickly became overwhelmed, piling up with debris, causing overflow, and demanding frequent, tedious cleanings. The reality hit hard; what was supposed to be a solution only swapped one problem for another—continuous maintenance and too many visits on the ladder.

I Found a Larger Better Downspout Strainer

The real breakthrough came with the discovery of GutterBrush downspout guards. Unlike the basic strainers I'd previously deployed, these guards are available in 18 inches long or 36 inches long, offering a significantly larger surface area for water to filter through while trapping debris. This design genius lies not only in its simplicity but in its effectiveness. The larger surface area dramatically reduces the frequency of cleanings, as it can handle a larger amount of debris without becoming clogged. This was a game-changer for me, far fewer visits on the ladder because GutterBrush is a better downspout strainer.

Solve Clogging French Drains and Greatly Reduce Gutter Strainer Maintenance

Later, I realized that my best solution was to not just protect the gutter outlet and downspouts, rather it was a better idea to protect the entire gutter by filling the entire gutter with 36” lengths of Gutterbrush.  Simply protecting the downspout will solve future clogging of my french drains. By filling the whole gutter,  the gutter maintenance is drastically reduced.   Now i do not even need my ladder visits, until eventually down the line some maintenance may be necessary at some point in the future

Switching to GutterBrush meant that I was no longer a slave to the cycle of clearing out tiny strainers every few weeks. Instead, I found myself on the ladder far less often, a welcome change that has saved me time and hassle. These longer, larger and fuller strainers maintain water flow through my gutters and downspouts, keeping my French drains clear and functional without the back-breaking routine maintenance.

Moreover, GutterBrush's versatility and ease of installation have been remarkable. Available in widths suitable for various gutter sizes, from standard residential to larger commercial sizes, installing GutterBrush requires no special tools, cutting, or fasteners. This DIY-friendly solution not only preserved my gutters' functionality but also their appearance.

Solve Clogging French Drains with GutterBrush

My experience underscores the importance of proper gutter maintenance and the transformational effect of choosing the right tools for the job. By installing a better downspout strainer and then later filling the whole gutter, I've been able to significantly reduce the time and effort spent on gutter maintenance, ensuring that my storm-water drainage system works efficiently without the frequent need for cleaning; which solves my clogging french drain problem.

In conclusion, for fellow homeowners wrestling with keeping downspouts and French drains clear, I cannot recommend GutterBrush enough. Its design allows for easy maintenance, offering a pragmatic solution to a problem that once seemed endless. Transitioning to GutterBrush has not just been about installing a product; it's been about reclaiming peace of mind, knowing that my drainage system is protected against clogs and overflow, with far less effort than ever before.

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