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Gutter Leaf Guard Review, Dean Johnson

Gutter leaf guard review happens when a DIY Home Improvement expert actually purchases the product for his or her own personal use as opposed to having been paid to promote that particular gutter leaf guard.  And the strongest possible gutter leaf guard review happens when a former customer returns to buy more footage of your DIY gutter guard, after years of performance in the gutter, and that customer happens to be a famous DIY expert. What a thrill it was to answer the phone in October of 2021, and have the famous DIY home improvement expert calling to make a large purchase of our simple leaf guard; GutterBrush.  Dean Johnson is famous to home improvement do it yourself viewers.  Since 1986, his show “ Hometime” has been a long running home improvement series featuring craftsmen working along with homeowners to improve and update their homes.  How exciting it was for such a famous DIY expert to call out of the blue and make a purchase of GutterBrush for one of his large gutter sizes. 

Dean Johnson of Hometime

The absolute best gutter leaf guard reviews possible for any leaf guard installer or company, is when someone knows of other leaf guard products like gutter screens, gutter mesh and gutter covers, has experience with all types of gutter protection, yet returns unsolicited, to purchase our simple brush gutter guard once again. 

Often people will search “ What are the best rated gutter guards “, but all they find in the search results, are lists of  gutter leaf guard advertisements with the placements on those lists having been bought and paid for with marketing dollars from huge companies with deep pockets.  It's a great compliment whenever a DIY gutter guard expert chooses your product without being paid to do so.

Some very recent unsolicited GutterBrush exposure has come from:

  • Bob Vila
  • Danny Lipford - "Today's Homeowner"
  • This Old House

GutterBrush got started in 2004.  In the early days, GutterBrush made waves as a speedy technological gutter guard disrupt-er, and In the last 18 years GutterBrush has grown to become one of the most widely accepted ways to solve gutter clogging issues and eliminate or greatly reduce gutter cleaning and gutter guard maintenance.  No longer the “new kid on the block” in gutter protection, we can hardly click a link without some well known expert singing GutterBrush praises.   It has taken many years of work, but what a breath of fresh air it is to search “ Best Leaf Guard Reviews” and find one of the best known home improvement experts ever, Bob Vila , showing GutterBrush as the best in category in his article The Best Gutter Guards of 2021 - Tested by Bob Vila.

  What a difference from the early years, it's like when Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said “ Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore”.  The gutter guard scene has greatly developed over the years with GutterBrush right smack in the center of the gutter accessory action. Years ago, the gutter protection category was mainly needs-based, but now that huge companies selling leaf filters, gutter mesh and gutter covers are spending large amounts on advertizing, everybody seems to want the latest gutter gadget even where the tree line is far away from the downspouts.  Just a few weeks ago, this new article came out from Danny Lipford, completely unsolicited.  In the article “ 5 Easy Fall Home Maintenance Tips “, which was written for the 2021 Fall Season, Danny wants to avoid gutter clogging and decrease or eliminate gutter cleaning while keeping down the leaf guard cost, and he recommends only one easy gutter guard; GutterBrush! How exciting that we did not even lift a finger, or a ladder, and the star of the famous current TV show “ Today’s Homeowner With Danny Lipford “, is showing that signature unmistakable brilliant pearly white Hollywood smile and singing the praises of our humble easy gutter guard.  Without even a phone call, even the biggest names in the DIY home improvement industry are on the GutterBrush leaf guard band wagon. 

 With their new article named  Best Gutter Guards of 2021, This Old House names GutterBrush as the best in a gutter guard category.  Over the gutter guard years, it certainly has been helpful that one of the most trusted radio broadcasting Home Improvement experts ever, Gary Sullivan, has continued to use our brush gutter guard, GutterBrush at his home.  In the portion of his home’s gutters and downspouts near a heavy dose of Pine Trees, Gary is known for saying “ he has to put up with some visible build up of gutter pine needles, but the gutters continue to without gutter clogging ”.  Gary Sullivan has been broadcasting for over 20 years and he hosts a national iheartmedia syndicated radio program called “At Home With Gary Sullivan” which currently airs on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Gary, who is known as radio's DIY Home Improvement guru , listens intimately to his radio callers' questions and home improvement dilemmas; and his listeners are well known for their loyalty to Gary and steadfast attitude towards trusting Gary Sullivan’s recommendations.  His roots, originally working at a hardware store, have kept him grounded and well connected to homeowners and their forever developing home improvement needs as products become more and more diverse.  Learn more about Gary Sullivan and his home problem solving expertise by visiting his web page.

In the early years it was a little tricky explaining how this simple long lasting and self fitting easy gutter guard  with no-tool installation, will keep gutters from clogging, however now after homeowners and building owners have had over 18 years to experience it for themselves, GutterBrush is able to step aside and allow the industry leaf guard experts to tell the story with a leaf guard review.  Its the experts who have been out in the gutter market and experienced products like gutter helmet style devices, gutter mesh, gutter covers and gutter guard screens.  They know that all gutter guards in the tree debris field require gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance to continue to flow.  Experienced experts know that the promise of never ever having to clean gutters again is over reaching and that leaf guard cost matters; and GutterBrush is the easiest way to solve clogged gutters and greatly reduce or eliminate gutter cleaning and gutter guard maintenance while keeping leaf guard cost to a minimum.   Gutterbrush costs only a fraction of those mammoth gutter guard installed systems. So take the time to read a leafguard review and visit our brush gutter guard web site or call 888-397-9433 to learn more;

Alex O’Hanley

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