August 30, 2021 5 min read

Consumer Report on Gutter Guards

Recently, I was searching for Leaf Guards on the internet, and I was disturbed by what I found.

Be very careful when you read a top ten gutter guards product list on the internet these days. Years ago, things were different.  Back then, you could count on an independent non profit agency, to provide fair and independent reporting on how well certain products performed. Whether they were leaf guards or automobiles, you could count on independent agencies being genuine and authentic. There was a time when the independent rating agencies had credibility and were believable. Today, if you find a top ten list, everybody on the list has paid for the high placement. The consumer is left believing that a certain product deserved top placement, when in actuality, the top placement was most often not earned by performance; rather it is bought and paid for.

I was searching for the best Gutter Guard companies on the internet, when I noticed that Google suggested that I use the search term “ Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports “. So when I performed the search using the term “ Best Gutter Guards Consumer Reports “ I saw the top result, and naturally clicked it, expecting it to be what I was looking for. I expected to see an independent rating agency that was fair and impartial providing consumer reporting on the top gutter guard products. That was not at all what I found.

Amazingly, I found a web site that LOOKS LIKE an independent non profit and lists the top ten leaf guard companies. Searchers should beware. These companies are posing to look like independent non profit rating agencies, when in actuality they are accepting payments in return for putting companies on the list.  I clicked on the top search result which was “ “. Due to the fact that it is a dot org, and it had the name “consumersadvocate”, I expected it was an independent non-profit rating agency. They displayed what was, in their mind, the top ten gutter guards list, however when you look carefully, you read that all of the companies on the list are referred to as “partners” of  After studying a bit, you realize this is nothing but paid advertising under a clever and potentially hurtful disguise. They are not a consumer advocate, nor is it a rating agency at all.  Consumers are being fooled into thinking they can trust these top ten lists. In the age of the internet search, companies have realized that consumers will do their home work and will believe reviews by independents, therefore the companies as well as the advertisers are faking independence in order to get the reader to believe the list. There was a time when any web site that ended with the suffix .org, that meant they were a non profit, but I am not sure i can believe that anymore either. This tactic for selling gutter guards uses trickery and deceit.

Independent Gutter Guard Recommendations:  People want to know, "  What does consumer reports say about gutter guards? " They just want someone who does not have a stake, to provide a gutter guard recommendation.  When I searched even closer, I learned that Consumer Reports does not even provide a recent list about the best gutter guards in 2021.  Although their good name is being exploited as a much used search term by leaf guard companies and advertisers, Consumer Reports seems to have done nothing improper, and is just at the wrong end of this new age marketing tactic.  We can still rely on Consumer Reports to be a credible, fair, and impartial source of consumer information

When searching for independent gutter guard reviews, the consumer must be very careful to read the fine print as well as to research whether or not the rating entity it is genuinely independent, or just a paid advertisement “ tooting their own horn ”. When I was growing up, you constantly heard, “do not believe everything you read”. Never has this been more true.  Fact checking is important, but understanding the credibility of the source can be the most important element, when avoiding being fooled. Many people are searching the internet for the best leaf guard, and they are being deceived. The largest leaf guard companies with the deepest pockets, are buying their way to the top of the list. Gutter guard consumers need to do their homework. As usual, money makes the world go around; some things never change.

The Biggest Problem with gutter guards.  They come in many different shapes, sizes, and gutter guard costs. We believe that all leaf guards will eventually require maintenance and gutter cleaning, in order to continue to flow properly. The biggest problems with leaf guards, gutter helmet style devices, gutter covers, gutter screens, micro mesh, gutter inserts, and all other gutter guard products, is the fact that they ultimately become the actual reason that the water is not making it into the gutter, therefore GutterBrush LLC manufactures one that puts the design emphasis on receiving the water into the gutter.  GutterBrush’s extended bristle design dives head first into solving the largest leaf guard gutter problem. GutterBrush is different. The brush’s bristles extend above the gutter edge so as to welcome and draw the rain water into the gutter where it belongs.  Sure some debris gets caught in the bristles, but you can't have everything; if you try to keep all of the debris out of the gutter, you are going to end up keeping volumes of water out of the gutter also.

We are not an independent agency, we are simply a GutterGuard manufacturer that creates the simplest system that is easy to install and less expensive than almost all of the others due to the speed and ease in which it can be installed.  Whether it is contractor installed, or self installed in a “do it yourself gutter guard” manner, GutterBrush installs fast and easy requiring no tools or fastening. The self fitting nature means that anyone can have a quality gutter clog protection system. It is an easy on gutter guard.

Keep it simple. If you are evaluating leaf guard systems, read all of the leaf guard reviews while making sure you identify the credibility of the writer.  Also, make sure you check out   You could spend thousands, so you will not want to make a decision to buy gutter guards, without at least considering the fastest, simplest and easiest leaf guard. GutterBrush does not need to use trickery or deceit because the logical simplistic design stops gutter clogging and speaks for itself. GutterBrush makes so much sense, since 2004, we just want you to see it. We know consumers are capable of making their own leaf guard decisions.


Alex O’Hanley

GutterBrush LLC

Alex O'Hanley
Alex O'Hanley

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