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Best DIY Gutter Guard

There are many different types of homeowner DIY-ers or Do-It-Yourselfers.  I dare say most of them have one thing in common; that most initially become DIY-ers due to the motivation to save money on home repairs.  I started down the serious road of doing things myself about 25 years ago.  It is not easy initially, becoming a home repair DIY-er, especially if one does not own any tools.  Starting out as a young do-it-yourselfer, I am sure I am no different from most other young homeowner do-it-yourselfers when I say I had the following.

  • No tools
  • No hand skill
  • No patience
  • No Wisdom
  • No money
  • No time

But even in such a beginners state, I could easily install the best DIY gutter guard system; it really is that easy! 

I remember the importance of the commitment I needed  to make in order to become someone that performs important homeowner projects himself.  The first difficulty that comes to mind is the fact that the young homeowner must initially overspend on almost every DIY project, in order to purchase the necessary tools needed.  This excess tool spending was difficult for me to deal with,  being a young, cash strapped first time home buyer, but I remember making the commitment first in my mind, and then from my bank account, deciding that purchasing tools was a down-er, but it was definitely worthwhile in the long run.  Take it from me, now over 25 years later after stairways and sewer lines,  for the DIY-er who sticks with it for a lifetime, the money savings from doing it yourself far outweighs the initial excess cost of tools.  Eventually, you build up a large enough tool collection that you do not have to buy new tools for every project.  I probably should be disqualified from the DIY-ers club, because I eventually went on to earn a living as a contractor for many years.  Throughout a lifetime of home-ownership, those who stick with it gain great hand skill coordination, and a bank account full of the savings. Frustrations will abound during diy projects, especially if your trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, but as the world always teaches the most valuable lessons one way or another, patience is eventually learned as the better coping method when thing do not go well; being able to laugh at ourselves helps too.

For Complicated DIY Projects, Get Advice

When tackling complicated projects, it really helps if you have experts to lean on. For those complicated projects , you really need to be pretty good at taking the time to research and understand everything in advance.  Knowledge builds stronger and deeper with every label you read and every article you digest and it  also really helps if you have an expert you can rely on.  One other important DIY aspect is the order of operations.  With most complicated projects, one item must be built or installed before the other, and if you perform things in the wrong order, you will really pay a huge price in lost time and increased frustration.  I do not think I ever could have accomplished my past projects, without always getting advice from an expert.  I used to spend hours at Home Depot just looking for someone who could answer my DIY questions.  Eventually, regardless of whether it was carpentry, plumbing or even electrical work, I always found an expert to guide me and I probably could never have completed those projects without expert advice.  

Start Easy -  Easy DIY Gutter Cleaning

As a young homeowner, it is probably not a good idea to just dive into the most tricky DIY projects.  Sure, we all want to have those kitchen cabinets with under cabinet lighting, but like most challenges, it probably makes sense to start a little slower.  In order to build some confidence, start off with some projects that are not too complicated.  Initially, you will want to get some confidence by completing a few projects successfully.  If you can gain some confidence from a few successful projects, not only will you come out smiling and ready for the next one, but you will also build up a little resistance to the possibility of frustrations and quitting as a DIYer altogether when projects get difficult.  Plan your first few projects to be somewhat foreseeable and easy.  If your first 2 projects are complicated, you could end up with disastrous results that can thrust you out of the DIY space forever.  A great project to start with is gutter cleaning.  Performing your gutter cleaning is a great project to get off the list because you will likely avoid a gutter clog, and it requires no complicated tools other than a ladder; and you are going to need one of those eventually anyway. Once you have mastered gutter cleaning, save  yourself even more time from future gutter cleanings,  by installing the best DIY gutter guard, GutterBrush.  It is not a cleaning brush, it is an innovative gutter clog protection system.

DIY Gutter Guard

When installing a DIY gutter guard, choose the gutter guard or leaf guard that plays to your level of skill.  Just like the list of all of those things I didn't have when I started out as a do-it-yourselfer, choose a gutter guard system based on your level of ability.  You should already have a ladder from performing your gutter cleaning, ( click here to see a device that makes your ladder safer and more secure ) or you can usually borrow one from a friend or neighbor, so choose a gutter guard that 

  • Does not require any tools or fastening at all
  • Has an easy process of installation so you will not get frustrated
  • Does not require hand skill
  • Installs fast and very easy

With the above gutter guard DIY criteria, you can perform a successful project, gain confidence towards your next DIY projects, solve gutter clogging, and save a bundle of money over paying for regular gutter cleanings or paying for a contractor installed gutter guard.  Contractor installed gutter guards usually cost thousands of dollars and can end up very disappointing.  It is common for people to spend a bundle on contractor installed gutter mesh, screen or covers, only to find, fairly early in the process,  that leaves and gutter debris are laying on top of the gutter screen causing the water to miss the gutter. 

Best DIY Gutter Guard

You will not have to look far to see the best DIY gutter guard, because GutterBrush invented the most logical and simple system back in 2004, and their ingenious DIY gutter guard has been disrupting the way gutter guards are installed ever since.   Disappointment is large when someone pays thousands of dollars for a contractor installed gutter screen, gutter mesh, gutter cover, only to find the debris lays stuck on top of it in the first season,  causing the fast water to overshoot past the gutter; what good is paying for an expensive gutter guard if it is going to make the water completely miss the gutter.  Click here to learn more about of the easiest gutter guard installation.  Gutterbrush is not only easy to install the first time, it is also incredibly easy to eventually maintain and renew.  Gutterbrush is the best diy gutter guard and here’s why.

  • 5 sizes to fit any gutter
  • No gutter guard tools required
  • No gutter guard skill or hand skill required
  • Anyone can do it, so easy anyone can install GutterBrush; no frustrations
  • Gutterbrush installation is fast, a real time saver

DIY Gutter Guard Installation

Like any DIY project, installing your own gutter guard starts with just a little planning.  Determine which size gutter you have.  Most homeowners have standard 5 inch gutters, but if you are not sure which size gutter you have, click here to see how to determine the correct size GutterBrush do-it-yourself gutter guard for your gutter.   You can also call the folks at Gutterbrush, they have a  department ready to talk to you and answer questions about this simple do-it-yourself gutter guard system.  Once you know which size GutterBrush you need, the rest is a snap.  If you need help determining the right size brush gutter guard, Gutterbrush offers a sample box that has three different sizes so that you can fit them into your gutter and determine the right size brush gutter guard for your gutter.

Buy DIY Gutter Guard, Free Shipping

Once you know your size, you can order your brush gutter guards.  You just add up the total gutter guard footage needed, and go to this web page to purchase.  There is no need to go to the local lumber yard or big box store to load up your car, because the folks at Gutterbrush will ship your DIY gutter guard to you for free, saving you time and money.  You can either order online at, or you can give them a call at 888-397-9433 to order by phone.  Again, free shipping is important; making DIY projects easier is an intelligent aspect of planning and what could be easier than having your gutter guard delivered to your home or office  with free shipping.  Now that you have received your delivery of the easiest do-it yourself gutter guard, you are ready to perform the easiest diy gutter guard installation imaginable.

 DIY Gutter Guard Installation that's the Easiest!

Just slide GutterBrush into the gutter, and that's it!  Really, that's all you have to do, there is no fastening of this easy diy gutter guard at all!  Gutterbrush comes in 3 foot lengths and every box also has 2 half pieces for convenience, so after you clear the gutter leaves and debris, you just start at one end of the gutter and slide 3 foot pieces of Gutterbrush into the gutter, one after the other; sliding Gutterbrush under the gutter crossbar brackets.  You fill the entire gutter and you leave it in place for year round gutter clog protection.   The brush keeps the gutter channel flowing and keeps the debris out while the rain water flows between the bristles.  GutterBrush is very effective at stopping the gutter from clogging, customers have been loving GutterBrush, which is made here in the USA,  since 2004.   GutterBrush is very high quality, durable and long lasting out the gutter. The bristles are UV protected from the sun and Gutterbrush comes with a ten year manufacturer's material warranty so you are sure to get many years of fulfillment and satisfaction from your DIY gutter guard installation.  Click here for a quick 7 second video loop to see the ease of this diy gutter guard installation.   Click here for sizing samples which come 3 per boxClick here to see all 5 sizes of GutterBrush. If you still have additional questions, GutterBrush has a video page and a great gutter guard FAQ page.

What could be easier than just sliding a self fitting gutter filter into the gutter.  “The proof is in the pudding”, you will see for yourself that Gutter Brush is the best DIY gutter guard. There are lots of gutter guard contraptions out there, but nobody else has designed a better  product and system.  Gutterbrush makes sense, and leaves most people saying “why didn’t I think of that”.

We hope you find your do it yourself journey to be productive and fulfilling. Enjoy the ease of GutterBrush and gain confidence in your ability; this easy DIY project will provide you with many years of value.  Since 2004, GutterBrush has become the widely accepted innovative and easy way to keep gutters flowing.  Got questions? Give them a call at 888-397-9433 or send an email to

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