Avoid Gutter Overflow Onto Your New Awesome Exterior Updates

Avoid Gutter Overflow Onto Your New Awesome Exterior Updates

With warmer weather comes time for home updates, especially for the exterior. Now’s the time to start preparing the projects as well as checking out those gutters to ensure all your hard work isn’t ruined by a gutter overflow and rain water splashing all over your new awesome exterior updates. Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook their gutters until the damage is done, so it is important to do what you can now so you don’t regret it later.

How to Avoid Gutter Overflow

gutter water pouring over on patio

The first step in avoiding gutter overflow is to  keep your gutters clean. Gutter cleaning tools can include a ladder, gloves, bucket, rag, etc. Most of these are items you probably already have around the home. Regular gutter cleanings should occur at least once per year unless you experience gutter overflows and clogging more often.

You may also want to look into hiring a contractor to do these gutter cleanings for you. This is a great resource for those who are busy or simply don’t want to stand up on a ladder to pull the leaves and gunk from their gutters. It could be beneficial to have someone come estimate your gutter cleaning cost to see if this is something you want to invest in.

Leaf gutter guards are another great way to prevent debris from getting into your gutters and causing problems. There are several types, but the most practical option is  Gutterbrush. It’s a type of leaf guard, but it is different from the standard in which it’s much easier to install. The Gutterbrush is also a great way to significantly increase the amount of time between gutter cleaning.

Importance of Keeping Gutters Clean

Not only will regular cleanings keep your gutters from clogging or overflowing, but they will also keep soffits, windows, and foundation dry. This may not seem that important at first, but it is crucial to keep these areas dry in order to  avoid rot, bugs, and potential flooding.

With these issues come very expensive fixes. Rot is bound to happen when water gets near wood, and many people don’t realize it is even happening until it’s too late. The same goes for bugs. Many insects like warm, moist areas and can end up getting into your home or causing further problems with the integrity of your house.

When it comes to avoiding floods, the number one piece of advice is: to get the water away from your home. Overflowing or the lack of gutters is only going to increase the chances of water entering your home and causing a flood. Check your gutters regularly to be sure they are clean and functioning properly in order to bypass the chance of any flooding.

Trending Exterior Updates

With summertime comes many home projects, some of which may include a new outdoor entertainment space, new landscaping, or an exterior bathroom entrance. All of these are trendy updates that you may consider adding to your home this year.

When considering what to include in your new outdoor entertainment space, you have tons of options. One very popular choice is adding an outdoor kitchen area to your backyard. If you have the space this can be a great place for entertaining this summer; you may even  include a new Blackstone for cooking. This new space is sure to impress your guests and will even increase the value of your home.

Landscaping is a crucial part of your home's exterior. Whether you’re in your forever home or you plan to sell in the near future, this is an area you should not skimp out on. Maintaining your yard and flowerbeds can be a costly investment, but this will boost your curb appeal as well as make an impact on your guests. Now is the time to head to your local nursery and pick out plants that will give your home a polished look.

An exterior entrance to a new half bathroom provides many benefits for those who enjoy entertaining, have children, or have pets. This will allow people to come directly through the bathroom and clean up to avoid bringing dirt and water through your house. To make this space as useful as possible, choose  a spacious bathroom vanity that will allow for ease of washing up before entering the home. A large sink in this area is optimal for giving a quick sponge bath to messy children and/or pets without needing the room for a full bath and shower.

With all the money and time spent on these new projects, you won’t want them to be ruined in just a few short hours from a heavy downpour. Instead, while making these updates, now is the time to clean those gutters and  install Gutterbrush simple gutter guard, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your new space without worrying about cleaning them out every couple of months.

Gutter Maintenance Moving Forward

Once you’ve cleaned your gutters and installed a gutter guard, there isn’t much maintenance on your end. Most likely, you’ll be able to go quite some time without gutter maintenance, after installing a gutter guard. This all depends on where you live, but this investment will free up some of your time to enjoy your home this summer. There’s a lot of time that goes into the spring cleaning of your home, inside and out. Start now with the exterior projects before the summer brings in elevated temperatures.

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