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As Winter Approaches, Protect Your Gutters

The perfect time for gutter maintenance is now, while it’s still warm enough to work outdoors and before all of the leaves fall from the trees, clogging your gutters and creating more work for you as a homeowner. Backed-up gutters can lead to gutter overflow, leaks, mold growth and stains, and even roofing and foundational problems. Before your gutters cost you thousands in repairs, follow these simple maintenance steps before winter is in full swing.

Clear Out Debris

The first step in gutter maintenance is clearing out the leaves, twigs, critter nests, frisbees, and any other debris you find up there. A garden trowel is usually sufficient, or you can use gloved hands. After all of the large debris has been cleared, you can run water through the gutters using a hose or pressure washer to give your gutters a truly deep clean. If you are unable to climb a ladder to perform this task, you may need to employ the services of a professional. Homes with second-tier gutters also may want to consult a professional for safety concerns.

Inspect Structure for Problems

As you are clearing debris and running water through your gutters, check for any structural problems along the way. Ensure that your gutters don’t have any splitting seams, corrosion, or loose anchors. If you notice any of these problems, fix them right away. Useless gutters can lead to all of the problems mentioned above, like leaks, mold, and stains on the side of the house. While you are running your hose through the gutters is the best time to check for leaks, as they will be obvious. If your gutters need a full replacement in a section, do the replacement as soon as you can. Don’t wait until next season when it’s too late and the damage from this season has already been done.

Clear Downspouts

Don’t forget to check the downspouts for any blockages. If they are blocked, water won’t be able to drain properly and can lead to overflow leaks. Clear out any debris and make sure water flows freely through them. Water should be diverted at least ten feet away from the house to prevent any foundational problems. If it is pooling, you may need to reconsider your diverters or take note of anything that could be causing the pooling and fix it immediately.

Install GutterBrush Simple Leaf Guard.

Once you have successfully cleared your gutters and inspected them for damage, it’s time to install the GutterBrush leaf guard system. These gutter protectors will shield your gutters from debris build-up and blockages by catching leaves, seeds, and pine needles in its bristles while still allowing water to flow underneath. As the debris dries, most of it will blow away with the wind or wash down the gutter with the rain water. GutterBrush leaf guard  is made to withstand any weather, including the most bitter of winters, and will last you for years to come.

Installation is as easy as measuring the length and width of your gutters and placing the correctly sized GutterBrush inside. Maintenance time afterward will dramatically decrease as you will only have to occasionally shake out the brush in a problem area and inspect your gutters every so often for any structural issues. GutterBrush leaf guard maintains the integrity of your gutters since they don’t weigh them down or require any drilling or fastening to keep them in place. For the value, they truly are the best gutter protectors on the market.

Winter Months

If you install the GutterBrush leaf guard system before the leaves fall, then you won’t have to worry about clearing your gutters again before winter. As the snow melts on your roof, the water will flow through your clear gutters and not get caught behind any debris. The worst time for doing gutter maintenance is in the middle of a freezing cold winter. Although GutterBrush, or any other gutter protection system for that matter, won’t totally prevent the formation of ice dams, the dark bristles will absorb the sunlight and help melt those ice dams quickly, helping to reduce the strain on your gutters during those winter months.

Don’t be caught off guard this winter, order your GutterBrush leaf guard package today. Not only will you keep your gutters flowing, but you will significantly reduce the amount of time, cleaning and maintenance your gutters require every year.

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