Oversize GutterBrush Leaf Guard - 6 Inch Gutters

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For Oversize 6 Inch Residential Gutters - Brush Diameter = 5.25 Inches

Select a combination of the packages above to reach the total footage of GutterBrush needed.  

Packs contain mostly 3 foot lengths and we also include a couple 18 inch sections to help fit shorter remaining gutter lengths.  Just slide sections end to end throughout your gutter channel.

No cutting or tools needed for installation.  Need a shorter length?  Just bend a few inches of GutterBrush back into itself to create a shorter custom length.

Free Sample / Trial Pack! - 3 Ft. Pack to test and confirm size / fit - Just pay $7.95 postage

Savings Tip:To save on shipping select the largest, fewest boxes to meet your needs. ie: 1 x 60 foot box ... Not 5 x 12 foot boxes.

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