6 Inch Gutter Guard (5.25 in. Dia)

6 Inch Gutter Guard

Clogged 6 inch gutters can be avoided with the EASIEST six inch gutter guard system, just slide GutterBrush 6 inch gutter guard, (5.25 In dia.) under the gutter hangers and over the downspouts, filling the entire gutter.

  • No fastening, since 2004, 17 Years
  • Weatherproof, coated and UV protected, lasts 15 years
  • 6 Inch Gutter Guard for seamless K-gutters, Ogee
  • Gutter Guard for 6 inch half round, Larger Fascia gutters,
  • Fit custom gutters, copper, steel, galvanized
  • “Crowned” Raised profile, doesn’t intersect the roof

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Don't overspend on 6 Inch gutter screens aka. linear 6 inch gutter guards, debris lays on them causing water to overshoot the gutter. DIY Gutter Guard! 10 Yr. Material Warranty.  Read our 6 inch gutter guard reviews.

SKU 6in-60FT: 60 Ft. of 5.25” Diameter
(19 Three ft.lengths and two 18” pieces)