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Rain Water Harvesting Filter

 Water Harvesting Improvement:  GutterBrush as Pre-Filter

Green Initiatives, Conservationists, and people in drought ridden areas conserve water by collecting and storing rain.  The stored rain can be used for many different purposes including washing  clothes, flushing toilets, drinking, irrigation, farming and gardening.

stored rainwater dripping

Roofs are perfect for doubling as rain water catching devices due the size of the roof and the fact that roofs slope or lean to one side enabling the gutter to act as an aqueduct carrying the water to the downspout which then supplies the water tank.  The collected water is stored and distributed from above or below ground cisterns, complicated tanks or uncomplicated rain barrels.

  Roofs, gutters and downspouts are often used to catch and carry rain to water collection systems such as rain barrels, cisterns and water tanks.  Depending on the intended use of the stored water, the water often must be kept clean.  Gutters and downspouts are capable of supplying a large amount of water, however they are also capable of supplying a large volume of leaves and twigs which not only contaminate and pollute the water, but they also stop the system from working properly when the downspout filter clogs and overflows.
clogged downspout filter
When used as a gutter pre-filter, GutterBrush keeps the outlet tubes, downspouts and downspout filters from becoming blocked and pouring over.   Without GutterBrush, the downspout filter bears the burden of all of the gallons of water from that entire gutter and roof area.   The downspout filter is very small with only a small amount of surface area, therefore when supplied with all of that roof and gutter rain water, it will quickly clog and malfunction.  A downspout filter is a small item and it is just not large enough to handle that much debris.    GutterBrush can be installed to fit and fill the entire gutter length providing more surface area and capacity than the downspout filter, therefore, with GutterBrush installed as a pre-filter, the downspout filter will flow far longer supplying more water and taking advantage of more rain opportunity.   The owner can go on vacation with some certainty knowing that the downspout filter will not clog and and the rain barrel, cistern or tank will be properly supplied when there is rainfall opportunity.   Clogged downspout filters cause missed water collection opportunity which can be extremely costly in drought areas.  In short, more gallons of rain can be caught and supplied in between maintenance, thanks to Gutterbrush. Without GutterBrush, that downspout filter clogs and the water goes elsewhere and can cause problems such as landscape erosion, foundation damage, water in the basement, splashing, rotted wood, bugs and other problems.