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Property Managment

How much are gutters costing your annual budget?

Facility Property Management Services

Labor / Service Calls to Clear Clogged Gutters

  • Estimated 1 hour for a service call @ $20 / hr.
  • How many service calls per year?

Annual Gutter Cleaning Costs

  • Estimated cleaning cost @ $1.00 - $1.50 / ft.
  • How many linear ft. of gutters?
  • How many cleanings per year?

Property Damage, Landscape Destruction due to Clogged Gutters

  • Rotting fascia boards, water damage to interior walls and ceilings, icicles / ice dams, mold growth, wet basements / foundation cracks, etc.

GutterBrush is a simple solution to help Property Managers / Homeowners Associations reduce expenses for gutter cleaning, clogged gutters and regular maintenance. 

Case Study: 

Cedar Glenn Senior Living:

133 Buildings: Over 16,000 linear ft. of gutters

Gutter Expenses: Property Manager documented an average of 18 service calls per month to clear clogged gutters.

Maintenance: 18 calls / month x $20 per man hour = $4,320 in labor

Cleaning: 2 cleanings / year = $15,000 - $18,000 - Total annual gutter related expenses of $18,000 - $22,000

GutterBrush:  Reduced maintenance calls to near zero and eliminated $15 - $18,000 / yr. in gutter cleaning.

Estimated $65,000 savings in 3 years.

Property Management / Facilities Management GutterBrush Benefits:

Available in 5 Sizes: From 3.25” - 8.00” Diameters to protect any gutter / roof combination. Residential, Commercial, Industrial

  • 3.25” - Small 4” Gutters - Mobile Homes, Sunrooms, etc.
  • 4.25” - Standard 5” Residential Gutters - Most Common
  • 5.25” - Oversized 6” Gutters
  • 6.50” - Commercial 7” Gutters, Pool Enclosure Gutters, etc.
  • 8.00” - Industrial Gutter Systems - Metal Roofing / Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, etc.

Simplicity - No tools, Nothing attached to Gutters or slid under shingles. - Just slide 3 ft. sections of GutterBrush  end to end into gutter channel.  Easy access to gutters for cleaning & maintenance if needed.

Affordable - At less than $3 per foot for Property / Facility Managers, GutterBrush will cost thousands less than most gutter covers and other screened systems.  You will also save money vs. paying for regular gutter cleaning.

Helps Prevent Ice Dams and Icicles. Black bristles exposed to sunlight warm up and promote quicker melting of any snow and ice.  Works well with roof / gutter heating cables also!

Helps Prevent Birds, Rodents & Insects from nesting in the gutter - Many customers are using GutterBrush to keep birds, critters and insects from perching or nesting in their gutters.

Made in the U.S.A. / Lifetime Guarantee - GutterBrush is a family business dedicated to providing  customers with the best product, performance and price possible.  We stand behind our product and customer service.  

Other Uses: GutterBrush is also handy to prevent debris from clogging: Roof Drains, Driveway Drains, Cisterns, Rain Barrels, Koi Ponds, etc.

Quality Materials / Convenient Lengths: Stiff UV Protected Polypropylene Bristles spun through a heavy gauge Galvanized Steel Wire Core.  Packaged in 3 ft. lengths along with a couple 18 in. sections to avoid the need for cutting or tools.