Gutter Guard for Unique Gutters - Specialty sizes

These GutterBrush sizes are designed to protect unique / specialty gutters

3.25 In. Small - Protects 4 Inch K-Style Gutters, Mobile Home Gutters, Carports, Sun Rooms, Wood Gutters, Small Specialty Gutters (Brush diameter = 3.25 inches)

6.5 In. Commercial - Protects 7 Inch K-Style Gutters, Large Commercial Gutters, Metal Building Gutters, Super Gutters / Pool Enclosures, Church Gutters (Brush diameter = 6.5 inches)

8.0 In. Industrial - Protects the Largest Industrial Gutter Systems, School Gutters, Box Gutters, Commercial Gutters, Industrial Gutters, Metal Building Gutters, Custom Gutters, (Brush diameter = 8.0 inches)