Leaf Guard Samples - Residential 3 sizes per box

Gutter Guard Samples - Residential 3 sizes per box: 5.25, 4.25, 3.25 Inch Diameter Brushes

Includes  6 inch lengths of 3 residential leaf guard sizes for 4, 5, and 6 inch gutters.  3 leaf guard sizes in one box for fitting in your gutter.  Don't worry, if you order our gutter guard samples during a sale, the sale price will be extended 2 weeks for you.

  • Leaf guard for 4" Small Gutters - Brush Diameter = 3.25"
  • Gutter Guard for 5" Standard Gutters - Brush Diameter = 4.25"
  • Protection for 6" Oversize Gutters - Brush Diameter = 5.25"

    * Leaf guard Samples are 6 inch lengths, also includes our simple leaf guard installation instructions and a brochure.

    Standard GutterBrush packaging contains 3 foot lengths along with a couple 18 inch sections to make it easy to fit most gutter lengths with simple gutter protection without the need for any cutting or tools. You can fold the last piece.

    For optimal fit and best results place samples into your gutter and choose the size that:

    • Fills the width of the gutter
    • Crowns above the gutter top creating rounded profile  (if possible)
    • Does not overly compress bristles. 


    • 4.25” Diameter - Standard 5” Residential Gutters 

    • 5.25” Diameter - Oversize 6” Residential Gutters

    • 3.25” Dia. - Leaf Guard for Small 4" Specialty Gutters ie: Sunroom, Carport 
    • 6.50” Dia.  -Leaf Guard for Commercial 7" Gutters ie: Pool Super Gutters, Metal Buildings, etc. 
    • 8.00” Dia. - Leaf Guard for Industrial 8" Gutters ie: Engineered Metal Buildings