Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Read the reviews,  Micro Mesh Gutter Guards are the newest thing in gutter accessories, however the leaves and debris lays on top of them creating a flat debris ramp that causes the water to flow over the debris and overflow past the gutter.  People are very disappointed when they have spent a ton of money on micro mesh gutter guards only to find that early in the process and frequently, someone has to get out the ladder and sweep the gutter guard off, or else the water will cascade past the gutter.   Below is a better way.   GutterBrush keeps gutters from clogging.   Since 2004, just fill the gutter with 3 foot lengths of GutterBrush and leave it in place, the rain water flows between the brush gutter guard bristles while the brush keeps the debris out and keeps the gutter from clogging.   GutterBrush is so easy!  No tools or fasteners required!   5 different sizes, but this page shows the two most common diameters.