Commercial Gutter Guards Sample: 3 sizes per pack

Gutter Guard Samples - Commercial, 3 sizes per box: 5.25, 4.25, 3.25 Inch Diameter Brushes

3  gutter guard sizes in one pack, to fit and compare large leaf guards; 6 inch lengths. Commercial gutter guard samples for 6", 7" and 8" gutters.
  • Gutter guard for 6"  Gutters - Brush Diameter = 5.25"
  • Protection for 7" Commercial Gutters - Brush Diameter = 6.50"
  • Leaf guard for 8" Industrial Gutters - Brush Diameter = 8.00"
      * In this sample pack for larger gutters, is our commercial gutter guard installation instructions, a GutterBrush brochure, and 6 inch length samples of our 3 largest sizes.
      To achieve best fit and optimal performance, set brush samples into your gutter and choose the size that:
      • Fills the gutter channel width as best as possible
      • Doesn't overly compress bristles. 
      • A raised bristle "crowned" profile may be a benefit, but is not always possible

      Typical GutterBrush packs (not sample packs) are comprised of 36 inch lengths along with a couple of 18" pieces for convenience. Just fill the gutter with our simple brush leaf filter.  GutterBrush is UV protected with a Galvanized core that lasts over 15 years in the gutter; 10 year material warranty.