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Gutter Guard Sample for 5 Inch Gutters

Easiest leaf guard solution! Special Offer - Limit 1 Per Household - No Discounts

6 ft. GutterGuard Trial Pack for Standard 5 Inch Rain Gutters. (5In-6FT, 4.25 In. Dia,. 4 x 18 inch pcs)

We have 5 brush sizes to fit all gutter sizes. This actual Brush Diameter is 4.25", designed to fit standard 5" rain gutters perfectly with no gutter guard fastening.

How GutterBrush Works:
GutterBrush acts as a leaf filter blocking leaves and debris from entering rain gutters while allowing water to flow. Most leaves and large items pass right over GutterBrush while small debris caught in the top, either blows away or begins decomposing and washes through during natural cycles of rain, sun, wind and snow. No need to call leaf guard installers because you can try it yourself!

Trial Pack / Downspout Guards
Are you shopping for gutter guards? Experience this simple, effective, affordable leafguard solution for yourself, and we're confident you'll return for the rest of your gutter protection needs.

How To Install Gutter Guard: Trial Pack
* Place 4 sections end-to-end for a 6 ft. trial in your worst clogged gutter area.
* Place 4 sections over your downspouts to keep them flowing.
Remember the unprotected areas of your gutter will still be open to fill with debris.

6 Linear Ft - 4 x 18 Inch Sections of GutterBrush for Standard Residential Gutters

* All gutter guard systems allow some debris to enter gutters and may require limited maintenance. This is why Contractors and Home Improvement experts favor systems which are easy to install & service.